Freelancing in Australia Report 2018

At Expert360, our 19,000+ freelance professional’s are the lifeblood of the company. They are the consultants, contingent workers and contractors powering the freelance economy and helping us shape the future of work. As the freelance economy continues to grow exponentially these professional’s will spearhead the freelancer movement in Australia. In fact, they’re already breaking down barriers […]

A new way of applying for projects on Expert360

At Expert360 we spend a lot of time getting to know our customers and finding innovative ways to help our expert community and businesses thrive in the freelance economy. We know you spend a lot of time writing application statements and our businesses are struggling to review your applications and make informed, quick decisions. As […]

Hiring for compliance in a post-Banking Royal Commission World

One of the consistent messages we hear when speaking to compliance managers and compliance officers in banks and financial organisations is that there’s so much focus on compliance right now – with still more regulations to come – that they desperately need external expertise to keep up. Unfortunately, there is a skill shortage of professional […]

How to build a data science capability within your business

In 4,000 BC Babylonia, if you wanted to know how much food you needed to feed the population, you used statistics and analytics to draw conclusions from data captured on clay tablets in what is believed to be the very first census. Not exactly “big data” by our standards, but definitely big data in its […]

How a multi-generational workforce can be the key to a killer CX strategy

Millennials: the very (buzz)word can strike fear into many a C-suite as it strives to develop a killer cx strategy for the next generation of consumers. Panels of experts at industry conferences still debate what a millennial-friendly customer experience strategy should include. Articles and blog posts across the web argue that millennials demand greater customer […]

How to create a freelance culture

Freelancers have more choice than ever, and the war for talent is heating up. We’re already seeing a shift in power from the employer to the freelancer; certain skill sets are so in demand that a freelancer can easily turn down projects that look as if they won’t provide the rewarding professional experience they increasingly […]