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For Procurement, Finance and Talent Leaders

Manage Your Modern Contingent Workforce With Expert360.

We help you assemble fewer, better people around your projects and transformation programs so that you can cut your total cost of delivery by 40% and accelerate timelines.

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3500+ clients trust Expert360
Reduce time-to-hire and improve productivity using automation & AI
Align supplier and worker rates with the market to save costs
Guarantee the quality of contingent workers and time-to-hire
Retain your top contingent talent and eliminate re-hiring costs and effort
Consolidate contingent workforce suppliers
Make your organisation more attractive to top contingent talent
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Save millions on your contingent workforce and radically reduce time-to-hire.

Expert360's managed flexible workforce solutions meaningfully combine world-class contingent workforce people, processes and technology so that you can optimise and efficiently run your project-based workforce.

Manage a Modern Workforce
Improve your competitive advantage with elite talent. Seamlessly run and manage your permanent and contingent workforce.
Accelerate Hiring
Cut time-to-hire by over 80% with automation and AI.
Consolidate Suppliers
Reduce costs and administrative burden. Increase talent quality and expedite time-to-hire.
Run Lean Transformations
We help you assemble fewer, better people around projects to achieve cost-effective delivery and transformation.
Manage Your Modern Workforce With Expert360.

Reduce costs, improve resourcing speed, and gain workforce visibility with our bespoke contingent workforce solution.

3500+ clients trust Expert360