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Jack Tan
Data Science Expert
Currently Available
Stacie Judd
Strategy Consultant
Currently Available
Zackery Wray
Test Engineer
Currently Available
Cristen Blakeley
M&A Consultant
Currently Available
David Fei
Digital Marketing Expert
Currently Available
Tim Sheppard
Fullstack Engineer
Available in 15 days
Emma Tatton
Customer Experience Lead
Currently Available
James Hendry
Strategy Consultant
Currently Available
Haley Nowell
Financial Analyst
Currently Available
Matthew Braithwaite-Young
Marketing Expert
Currently Available
Thomas Aston
Financial Analyst
Currently Available
Elijah Glover
Program Manager
Available in 4 days
Stephanie Howe
Product Manager
Currently Available
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Companies Choose Expert360 When They Need the Very Best Freelance Talent

"Hours, not months"

With Expert360, we’ve been able to access individuals and high-performing teams, in a matter of hours, not months.

Meahan Callaghan
Chief People Officer, Afterpay

"Permanent solution"

In a high growth environment, with incredible challenges and demands, it’s great to have Expert360 to lean on, which allows our team to keep focused on core business. From the first time we reached out to Expert360, we knew we had found a permanent solution for our short term talent needs.

Karn Ghosh
Founder & CEO, Kinela

"Within hours"

Expert360 allowed us to connect with Experts directly within hours and have them working on projects within a few days. Our Expert hit the ground running, worked flexibly to meet our needs and became part of our team.

Jon Tidd
CSO, Superloop

"Deliver top quality work"

Expert360 is a one-stop shop to provide our clients with the quality advice and resources that they and we need to deliver top quality 

Andrew Hone
Managing Director, Zenith Strategy Associates

"No hesitation at all"

"I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Expert360 to any other organisation that is contemplating a major IT initiative"

Tim Ellis
Managing Director, GAS

"A true sector expert"

Engaging the Expert360 network helped us transform a good but challenging investment opportunity into a great one by delivering to us a true sector expert.

Blake McNaughton
Executive Director, Elanor

"Engage top talent fast"

Expert360 delivered high-quality consultants in an efficient and timely manner to enable us to engage top talent fast. I would not hesitate in recommending Expert360 for future strategic projects across our business.

Tom Roets
Executive GM - Wholesale Products, NBN
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How Does It Work?

Rapidly hire specialised, elite talent from our exclusive network of Experts in four simple steps.

Request Talent

Answer 7 short questions to help us understand your requirements.

Our Team Connects

We'll be in touch ASAP to comprehensively understand what kind of Expert you require.

Get a Shortlist in 24-48 Hours

Your project enters our network, and our team + AI shortlist the best talent for your project.

Hire an Expert

Interview with candidates (if required), then contract your chosen Expert.

Hire an Expert in Melbourne within 24 hours. Only 1 in 10 make the cut.

We bridge the gap between businesses seeking specialised talent and the abundant pool of Experts in Melbourne ready to offer their services.

Why Choose Expert360?

Our platform is tailored to help businesses overcome the hurdles of traditional hiring processes. Here's why you should consider Expert360:

Expansive Network

We have an extensive network of talented professionals ready to offer their expertise. Not only that, each candidate is subject to our rigorous vetting process that ensures only the best make it to our platform.

Tailored Matches

Our advanced matching algorithm takes into account your specific requirements, ensuring that you're paired with an expert whose skills and experience perfectly align with your needs.

Flexible Hiring

Choose from a pool of Experts ready to work on a project basis, or offer their services as long-term Contractors in Melbourne and beyond. The choice is entirely yours!

Saves Time and Money

Forget about sifting through countless CVs or conducting numerous interviews. With Expert360, you get direct access to the Experts you need, saving you both time and resources.

The Future of Hiring A Freelancer in Melbourne

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, Expert360 offers a reliable solution for hiring top-tier Freelancers in Melbourne. Our platform empowers businesses to adapt to changing market dynamics, through efficient and cost-effective hiring processes.

Whether you're looking to hire a Data Scientist to make sense of your business data, a Marketing Specialist to propel your brand into the spotlight, or a Software Engineering Contractor in Melbourne to develop a custom software solution, Expert360 is your best bet.

Our Experts in Melbourne

Our talent pool includes a wide range of professionals, such as:


Our Consultants in Melbourne are equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience across various industries. They excel at solving complex problems and can provide strategic guidance to help your business thrive.

Finance Experts

Our Finance Experts can provide your company with critical insights and strategies. From financial modelling and forecasting to auditing and compliance, these Experts bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to help your business succeed.

Software Engineers

If you're looking for someone to develop a custom software solution, our network of skilled Software Engineers are just the ticket. These tech specialists can code in various languages and are familiar with the latest trends and technologies in the software world.

Data Scientists

Our Data Scientists are masters at turning raw data into valuable insights. They can help you analyse complex data sets, build predictive models, and develop data-driven strategies that can propel your business to success.


We can match you with Marketers that provide you with the strategies you need to reach your target audience effectively. From social media and SEO to content marketing and email campaigns, our Experts in Melbourne can drive brand awareness and boost conversions.


Our Designers are wizards at creating visually compelling designs that resonate with your target audience. Whether you need a website, a logo, or marketing materials, our designers can bring your vision to life.

Ready to Find Your Expert, Melbourne?

Finding the right talent for your business can be a daunting task. With Expert360's innovative platform, it doesn't have to be. Start your journey to a more efficient, flexible, and dynamic workforce today.

Discover what Expert360's pool of talented Freelancers and ontractors in Melbourne can do for your business. Make the first step towards unlocking the full potential of your business today.

We're here to help!

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Clients choose Expert360 when the stakes are high.

Engage Talent in 24-48 Hours
Request a shortlist and get a curated list of 1-2 perfect candidates. Select, review, and get started.
View Expert Track Records
Get the full picture. View an Expert's previous work experience and client reviews.
Cristen Blakely
M&A Consultant
18 Projects
Jack Tan
Data Science Expert
34 Projects
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Rigorously Vetted Talent
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Howard Gu
Data Science Expert
Currently Available
James Hendry
Strategy Consultant
Currently Available
Stephanie Howe
Product Manager
Currently Available
Elijah Glover
Program Manager
Available in 4 days

Why do clients engage talent using Expert360?

We know how crucial it is for businesses to find reliable professionals who are as committed to their work as they are. This is why we make it our mission to carefully screen every Expert in our network. We make sure they've got the right blend of skills, track record, and a professional attitude to meet the demands of your business.

How do you ensure the quality of your Freelancers in Melbourne?

Expert360 is committed to matching you with the ideal Freelancers in Melbourne for your unique needs. That’s why we individually vet each candidate to ensure they meet our high standards of skills, experience and qualifications. When you choose an Expert from Expert360, you can rest assured that they are fit for the job at hand.

Can Expert360 match me with a Contractor in Melbourne specifically for remote work?

At Expert360, we've recognised the growing need for remote workers and have adapted our platform to meet this trend. We offer access to a vast talent pool of Contractors in Melbourne who are well-equipped and experienced in remote working.

No matter where you are, these professionals can deliver quality results without needing to be physically present with you. The increase in remote workers has broadened the choices available to our clients, ensuring you find the perfect match for your project's requirements.

Only The Best
Meet Talent in Our Network
Management Consultant
Previously at:
Hire Caroline
Management Consultant
Previously at:
Hire Marc
Customer Strategy | Business Execution
Previously at:
Hire Jonas
Investment and Finance Professional
Previously at:
Hire Irina
Billy Senel
Digital Designer
Previously at:
Hire Billy
Alan Quirk
Web & Graphic Designer
Previously at:
Hire Alan
Tim Elliott
Design leader, business, strategy, product and service
Previously at:
Hire Tim
Millie Cooper
Freelance Graphic / Web Designer
Previously at:
Hire Millie
Tim Stasse
Digital Strategist & Full Stack Developer
Previously at:
Hire Tim
Rony Ghosh
Cloud Architect | Modern Workplace | Digital Transformation | DevSecOps
Previously at:
Hire Rony
Federico Roma
Software Consultant
Previously at:
Hire Federico
Seminda Rajapaksha
Microsoft Full Stack and Web API
Previously at:
Hire Seminda
Christian Dalle Nogare
Transformation Consultant
Previously at:
Hire Christian
Lauren Ryder
Change Specialist
Previously at:
Hire Lauren
Samantha Chambers-Skeggs
Change Consultant
Previously at:
Hire Samantha
Fatimah Abbouchi
Global PMO | Project Advisor
Previously at:
Hire Fatimah
Katherine Haddad
Senior Digital Marketing Consultant
Previously at:
Hire Katherine
David Fei
B2B Digital Marketing | Revenue Generation
Previously at:
Hire David
Matt Braithwaite-Young
Growth Strategy, Customer Marketing, Innovation & Digital Transformation
Previously at:
Hire Matt
Norrelle Goldring
Market & channel entry - GTM Strategy - Research & insights - Customer Strategy
Previously at:
Hire Norrelle
Arjunan Senthilkumaran
Strategy, M&A, Commercial Finance, Innovation & Transformation
Previously at:
Hire Arjunan
Laurent Kabbabe
Business Coach: Helping Companies Reinventing their business.
Previously at:
Hire Laurent
Brian Doughty
Business Founder / CFO
Previously at:
Hire Brian
Geoff Nesbitt
CFO | Board Director
Previously at:
Hire Geoff
Fiona McLean
HR Executive | Strategy | Social Media Reputation Management | CAHRI
Previously at:
Hire Fiona
Laura French
Human Resources Expert & Consultant
Previously at:
Hire Laura
Cathy Marchant
Business Consultant | Data and Strategy
Previously at:
Hire Cathy
Anagh Kohli
Commercial Strategy, Innovation, Partnerships, Operations and Management Consulting
Previously at:
Hire Anagh

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