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Cut your programme portfolio delivery costs by up to 33%

Leverage our collective decades of experience in the successful delivery of programme portfolios and get our lean, ready-to-go processes, tools and templates to transform your Project Management Office.
Why Expert360?
Cut costs, accelerate delivery, and get visibility with CO:PMO
Reduce Costs through Collaboration

Projects often come with a hefty price tag. Collaborative PMO helps you cut costs through planning, prioritising and managing project portfolios and programmes.

We uplift capability, consolidate wasteful processes, and give you real-time visibility on the status of each programme. Our PMO clients have seen reductions in PMO costs of up to 33%, while still delivering on a portfolio of the same size.

Improve PMO Delivery Outcomes

Our PMO experience and best-of-breed programme and project managers bring a welcome capability uplift, resulting in projects being delivered under-budget and on time.

We work with your leadership team and steering committee to set transformation goals, and follow through to achieve them.

Systemised and Flexible PMO Structure

You're short on time, so we hit the ground running. We use our proven frameworks, tools, and reporting processes to orient and structure your PMO for success.

Your organisation and goals are unique - that's why we've created Collaborative PMO to be integrated in a flexible and adaptable way.

"I'm delivering a similar project portfolio to what I used to, at about a third less cost".

Ed Overy, Former CIO, KiwiRail

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