Program Management

Execute strategy. Build an engine of strategic advantage.
Program Management is more than orchestrating projects; it's about weaving together strategic initiatives into a cohesive tapestry of growth. Expert360 Engage infuses purpose and momentum into your programs, driving extraordinary growth.

Program management at Expert360 Engage operates under the banner of 'Strategic Integration'. We ensure every project aligns, every objective resonates, and every result contributes to your overall business vision.

Discover the Expert360 Engage difference - where program management evolves into an engine of strategic advantage.

How we help

Orchestrating the delivery of multiple interconnected projects
Building effective governance structures to oversee the program
Enhancing collaboration between various project teams
Mitigating risks and managing issues at the program level
Aligning program objectives with organisational strategy


John Atalla
General Manager, Digital and Platform Transformation
Rob Franklin
General Manager, Digital


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Before we Engage..
What's the difference between project management and program management?
While project management focuses on executing an individual project efficiently, program management coordinates several related projects to achieve a broader business objective. The latter provides a strategic overview, managing interdependencies and aligning projects with overarching goals.
How can program management benefit my business?
Program management can deliver greater efficiencies and a higher return on investment by managing related projects as a unified program. This approach allows for better resource allocation, risk mitigation, and strategic alignment.
Why choose Expert360 Engage for program management?
Expert360 Engage combines top-tier talent, proven methodologies, and cutting-edge tools to deliver successful programs. Our team is experienced in managing complex, multi-faceted programs across various industries.
Further Reading
Program Management Information

Why is Program Management Important?

The true value of Program Management lies in its ability to navigate complexity. By treating related projects as a collective whole, it offers a 360-degree view, enabling efficient resource allocation, risk mitigation, and streamlined decision-making. It's about seeing the big picture, making connections, and driving strategic alignment.

What is Program Management?

Program Management is the coordinated management of multiple related projects to achieve a set of business objectives. It is designed to improve an organization's performance and deliver strategic outcomes.

Why Choose Expert360 Engage for Program Management?

Expert360 Engage excels in transforming multiple, intertwined projects into a well-orchestrated program. Our holistic approach ensures that individual project goals align with broader business objectives. We provide top-tier talent, innovative strategies, and industry-leading tools to steer your program towards success.

Our Program Management Process

  1. Strategic Alignment: We begin by aligning your program objectives with your business strategy.
  2. Planning: We create a detailed program plan to ensure the proper sequencing and coordination of individual projects.
  3. Execution: We manage the execution of individual projects while maintaining a view of the overall program.
  4. Monitoring: We continuously monitor progress against the program plan and make adjustments as needed.
  5. Closure: We ensure that all projects are properly closed out and lessons learned are documented.