Atlassian Health Check and Advisory

Ensure performance. Align to business goals.
Stay performant and identify issues before they become critical with Expert360 Engage.

Our Health Check and Advisory services keep your Atlassian solutions primed and ready. Trust us to identify potential challenges and deliver proactive solutions.

With Expert360 Engage, you're not just maintaining, you're constantly optimising.

How we help

Conducting regular audits to assess the health of your Atlassian tools
Identifying potential issues and offering expert advice on remediation
Providing recommendations to improve the performance of Atlassian solutions
Keeping up with Atlassian updates and advising on necessary changes
Ensuring your Atlassian tools align with your business goals and processes


Anna Ellis
General Manager, Enterprise Tooling


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Before we Engage..
What does the Atlassian Health Check process involve?
The health check involves an in-depth analysis of your Atlassian tools, covering aspects such as configuration, performance, security, workflow optimisation, and more. It is designed to uncover any issues or inefficiencies that may be hindering your productivity.
What kind of advice can I expect from Expert360 Engage's Atlassian Advisory Service?
Our Atlassian Advisory Service offers guidance on best practices for using Atlassian tools, strategies for improving your workflows, advice on new features and updates, and recommendations for resolving any issues uncovered during the health check.
Can Expert360 Engage assist with implementing the recommendations from the Health Check and Advisory?
Yes. After the health check and advisory, our team can work with you to implement the recommendations and optimise your Atlassian suite according to your specific needs and goals.
What credentials does Expert360 Engage have?
Expert360 is a certified Atlassian Gold Solution Partner and an Authorized Instructor for Atlassian training courses and services. We have deep experience across the Atlassian suite and a broad range of clients across differing industries and use cases.
Further Reading
Atlassian Health Check and Advisory Information

Why is Atlassian Health Check and Advisory Important?

A robust Atlassian suite is critical for facilitating seamless collaboration and effective project management within an organisation. Regular health checks and expert advisory services ensure that your Atlassian tools are running at peak performance, that best practices are in place, and that you're making the most of what Atlassian offers.

What is Atlassian Health Check and Advisory?

Atlassian Health Check involves a comprehensive review of your Atlassian suite to identify areas of improvement, potential issues, and untapped features that could enhance your operations. The advisory component then provides expert guidance on how to optimise and leverage your Atlassian tools to achieve your strategic objectives.

Why Choose Expert360 Engage for Atlassian Health Check and Advisory?

Expert360 Engage offers specialised Atlassian Health Check and Advisory services. Our team of certified Atlassian professionals provide a comprehensive analysis of your Atlassian suite and offer strategic advice on how to optimise it. We focus on aligning your Atlassian tools with your business goals to drive productivity, collaboration, and growth.