Workforce Solutions

Expert360 is a leading provider of next-generation flexible workforce solutions. In the war for top talent, Expert360 is your trusted partner.



Talent Acquisition as a Service (TAaas)

The market for talent is more competitive than it has almost ever been in recent history.

Our rockstar team will live and breathe your brand and culture, your operations and aspirations in committed pursuit of your team building goals.

Whether the scope is local or global - we deliver. (Our speciality is those hard to fill roles everyone is fighting for!)

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Scaling or Managing

Contingent Workforce Management 

In the war for talent, the old MSP model is not going to cut it.

You want to maintain flexibility and empower the business but put in some process and guardrails to scale, gain visibility and ensure risks are managed.

You’ve got consultants, contractors and all sorts of professionals coming in and out, locally, maybe globally. Who are they? What are we paying them? How are we paying them? Are we compliant? Are they performing?

We can help.

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Launch a venture

Whether you’re a large corporate or an entrepreneur, we will partner with you to bring your vision to life and move rapidly from paper to product to business in a matter of months. We build or augment your team to create the ultimate rockstar venture team, bringing best practices paired with a 100% SaaS lens.

Let’s rock and roll.

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Building and scaling

Squads as a Service

You’re scaling like crazy or you’ve just landed a new client opportunity. You need another squad (full or partial!) to hit the ground running day 1.

We’ve got you covered.

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