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Ship higher quality software, faster

Accelerate your software development lifecycle and improve quality with a 'shift-left' in your testing strategy with our Testing-as-a-Service solution.
Why Expert360?
Radically improve software quality and speed to market
Ship Quality Products Faster

We will implement a framework that shifts testing closer to the development cycle, catching bugs faster, improving collaboration between development and testing teams, and maximises test automation to accelerate time-to-market.

Automate Testing Practices

When you're shipping software, you need to be fast - but this must be balanced with quality.

We can help you build out automated testing in your development lifecycle, resulting in superior release times and quality - while freeing up your team to focus on building new features.

Scale Teams with Ease

When you need to scale your testing practices fast, think Expert360.

We have deep capability and resources to enable you in your scaling efforts, and have one of the largest teams of software testing expertise across Australia & New Zealand.

Whether you need a couple of testing resources or a full-scale testing solution, we can help you achieve your testing goals.

"Expert360 really sat down with us and helped us build the capability that we needed in those development environments to make sure that the deployment of the new services was much quicker and much more efficient. So that was great."

Matthew Wright, General Manager Digital Technology, Kotahi Logistics

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