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Expert360 is a community of leading experts in their field. We only accept 20% of applicants to ensure our clients are working with the best-of-the-best. When you apply, our talent team assesses your experience, expertise  and references to make sure you’re  well suited to the projects our clients post every day.

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Specify what kind of work you want when and where. We’ll automatically send you projects that match your profile and preferences.

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Our matching algorithm will send you projects that match you expertise, but in between you can browse all open projects. Apply by highlighting your most relevant experience and position yourself to win.
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Deliver great work, rely on seamless invoicing and prompt payments and get ratings and reviews from clients to help promote your work.

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A community with benefits

By joining the Expert Community you can start living life on your own terms

  • The flexibility to work when and where you please
  • Consistent stream of engaging projects
  • Innovative work where you can make a genuine difference
  • Higher than average day rates
  • Access to APAC’s leading businesses
  • An Expert profile to market your expertise
  • Seamless invoicing and favourable payment terms
  • Exclusive access to partner benefits

A dedicated channel for better work opportunities

The Expert360 profile is the new digital resume. In real-time, your profile allows you to market your expertise and past performance to the world. Simply keep your availability up to date and choose the projects that match your experience or lifestyle.


Find more work, quickly

Traditional recruitment is broken. Our system uses your expert profile to understand your work preferences, availability and expertise to match you with the most relevant projects and companies. Expert360 dramatically reduces your time between projects and helps you build a steady pipe-line of work.

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3.5 months

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Simple invoicing that saves you time

Easily account for your time and manage the scope of your work. With Expert360 you will always receive favourable payment terms and are able to seamlessly submit invoices for prompt payment.


Expert360 gets better as you get better

The more projects you complete the more ratings you receive and this information directly influences how your profile is displayed to prospective clients. Keep your profile up-to-date, achieve higher day-rates and win more contracts.


Market leading expertise 
is always in demand

Expert360 started with consultancy services and quickly evolved into a platform for professionals, across a variety of disciplines and industries, all united by their collective desire to do the best work of their lives.
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