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Learn more about becoming a Strategy Freelancer with Expert360 with our community guide.

Here at Expert360, we are the place where strategy talent come to explore a different way to work. 

We are seeing an avalanche of demand for freelance strategy professionals across Australia, particularly for talent from Bain, McKinsey and BCG. Thinking of doing the work you love with choice, diversity and flexibility?

We’ve put together all the stuff you need to know to help you explore life as a strategy freelancer. 

Let’s start with the top trending question we get asked from new members of our community…

Money | How much can I earn?

Depending on your experience and level, here’s a guide into what you can expect to earn as a Strategy freelancer:

Junior < 2 Years Experience
$1000 - $1400 AUD Per Day
Mid 3 - 5 Years Experience
$1400 - $1750 AUD Per Day
Senior 5 - 8 Years Experience
$1750 - $2400 AUD Per Day
Leader 8+ Years
$2250+ AUD Per Day

The good news is we transparently share client budget’s in every opportunity on our platform giving you visibility before you even consider a gig. 

How soon will I find my first project?

Within 1 month of joining our community is a realistic timeframe. This is a big thing to understand if you are considering leaving full time employment. For some of you with particular backgrounds and industry expertise that are in super high demand, get in touch with us because for some of you, particularly former Top Tier consultants, we can actually guarantee you the work and support your transition.

You may be eligible for the Expert360 Sign-On Bonus into the gig economy - chat to us now to hear more.

For Tier 2 Consultants from the likes of EY, Deloitte, Accenture, KPMG, AT Kearney - we are so confident we can find you the work you love to do. The time is now!

What type of Strategy work can I find on Expert360?

  • Classic strategy work - how to win, how to grow
  • Design a new Operating model 
  • Transformation Strategy 
  • M&A Transaction work
  • Customer Experience Strategy 
  • Strategy Execution
  • Strategy Turn Around 
  • Performance Metrics Review
  • Market Research
  • Pitch Deck Creation 

What types of clients can I work for via Expert360?

We work with some pretty awesome customers who come to Expert360 for freelance strategy talent including:

  • ASX Listed Enterprises 
  • Consulting Firms and Private Equity
  • Super High Growth Startups

What is the typical length of projects I can expect?

12 weeks

What is the intensity of the work?

Approx. 4 days per week. For a longer term engagement (for example a 12 month transformation piece) you can expect intensity to be lower. For shorter engagements (1-12 weeks) where there is urgency and deadlines,  

Can work be done remotely? 

The data tells us that 45% of strategy work on Expert360 can be done remotely. A lot of the time, stakeholder management is an important part of a successful strategy engagement, so being onsite becomes quite important.

Clients today are super conscious of flexibility, and we find that more choice to work from home comes with time in the engagement as you deliver more client confidence and get your piece of working moving in the right direction. 

What are Expert360 Strategy Freelancers saying?

Meet Bastien.

“Expert360 has offered me awesome strategy gigs for really cool organisations like Mad Mex and Metcash. Working this way has allowed me to travel around Australia and do the other stuff that I love like running marathons and paragliding”

- Bastien Missud, Former AT Kearney Strategy Consultant

What does it feel like to be part of the Expert360 community?

Imagine a world where you are intimately known in a close network, where your skills and work you love  is deeply understood,, with a team here to help connect you as best as we can to opportunities that suit you and your lifestyle. Outside of the work itself, our strategy community enjoy:

  • A deep relationship with the Expert360 Strategy Practice at your service
  • A place to work from when you need the space and infrastructure on those days you just want to be around people and have a cup of tea and use a printer
  • A place where payments and invoicing is all taken care of for you
  • The access to market research and industry insights when you need it 
  • A place to learn and develop yourself personally and professionally
  • Awesome events and networking opportunities that allow you to grow your network 

If you are ready to join our Strategy community and explore opportunities, click here.

If you have any questions or would like to understand what we can do uniquely for you, we have a dedicated Strategy Practice here for you.

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