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Atlassian Training

Jira Essentials with Agile Mindset

Full Day
Cloud / DC / Server
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In this course, you will learn: 

  • How to use Jira to organize, find, and report on your work
  • How to configure Jira to match your team’s agile processes
  • Agile principles and methodologies (optional)

Improve your team’s processes with agile principles and methodologies

This hands-on training course provides a solid foundation for developing an agile mindset. It introduces agile principles and methodologies, and uses Jira as a tool to practice agile-related concepts. This course is important because using agile processes and tools without understanding the “why” can lead to ineffective teams and processes.

This course is designed for anyone that is new to Jira and using agile principles and methodologies.* There is no suggested pre-work for this course. This course is designed for Cloud, Data Center, and Server customers.

*Note: This course has replaced Jira Essentials and contains all of its content; if your team does not use agile principles and methodologies or you are already familiar with agile and are looking for Jira Essentials content only, you may simply skip lesson 5 below.


  1. Agile and Jira Overview (20m)
  2. Project Boards (45m)
  3. Enrich Issues (40m)
  4. Kanban Method (30m)
  5. Lean and Agile Principles (45m)
  6. Scrum (50m)
  7. Searching (25m)
  8. JQL (20m)
  9. Filters (15m)
  10. Epics (20m)
  11. Dashboards (15m)
  12. Putting it all Together (40m)

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