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Confluence Administration

Full Day
Cloud / DC / Server
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Help your organization and team unlock the power of Confluence

This course prepares you, the new Confluence administrator, to configure and manage Confluence and partner effectively with an organization administrator.

In this course, you will learn: 

  • How to configure and administer spaces
  • How to manage, structure, and maintain content in Confluence
  • How to manage global, space, and page permissions to control access in Confluence

You'll get a solid introduction to configuring your site, including how to invite new users, effectively administer spaces, and manage content. You’ll learn to structure content so it's easy to find, use, clean up, and maintain. And you'll also learn how to control access to content, configure templates, and use blueprints.

The course includes exercises and best practices for each topic. It is a great foundation for Confluence Administrators who plan to earn the APB-220 Confluence Space Administration Pro Skills Badge in the future.

Experiment without breaking anything

All instructor-led team training (Team Virtual and Team On-site only) includes access to Atlassian University’s unique hands-on labs — a safe, sandbox environment to learn the tools by using them. So you can reinforce your team's training with some muscle memory. You can continue to access labs for 24 hours after classroom time with your instructor.

This course is designed for Confluence administrators and Space administrators.

Just interested in Confluence Cloud space administration? The perfect new course for you is here: Managing Confluence Spaces. You'll learn space permissions, managing content, and more. Check out the course >

Before taking this course, we suggest Cloud administrators complete Confluence Fundamentals and Data Center and Server administrators complete Confluence Essentials, or have equivalent experience. You should be comfortable creating and editing pages, using macros, and working in spaces.

Cloud Lessons

  • Course Overview (1m)
  • Access and Permissions (13m)
  • Configuring Global Settings (29m)
  • Understanding Global Permissions (12m)
  • Administering Spaces (54m)
  • Managing Content (93m)
  • Ongoing Confluence management (9m)

Data Center & Server Lessons

  1. Course Overview (1m)
  2. Global Settings (48m)
  3. Global Permissions (52m)
  4. Spaces Administration (51m)
  5. Content Management (81m)
  6. Ongoing Confluence management (30m)

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