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Bitbucket Pipelines Configuration

Half Day
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Build better quality software and release more often with Atlassian’s CI/CD solution

If you use a Git repository for version control, this course will take you to the next level by showing you how to implement a CI/CD solution with Bitbucket Pipelines. You’ll learn how to integrate testing and third-party tools into your pipeline, and how to deploy your pipeline to AWS. You'll learn to automate the build and test process and see firsthand how you can release better software, more frequently.

Experiment without breaking anything

All instructor-led team training (Team Virtual and Team On-site only) includes access to Atlassian University’s unique hands-on labs — a safe, sandbox environment to learn the tools by using them. So you can reinforce your team's training with some muscle memory. You can continue to access labs for 24 hours after classroom time with your instructor.

This course is designed for IT managers (including CTO/CIO), engineering team leads, software and system architects, product managers/owners, scrum masters, support leaders, and team members who manage the development of software and digital products.

Before taking this course, we suggest you complete Atlassian DevOps Essentials and have a working knowledge of Git.


  1. Bitbucket Pipelines overview (10m)
  2. Continuous Integration and the Default Pipeline (15m)
  3. Test, Merge, and Deploy (7m)
  4. Databases and Service Containers (8m)
  5. Reusing Elements with YAML Anchors (7m)
  6. Variables (5m)
  7. Push back to your repository (6m)
  8. Configure a pipeline with 3rd-party tools (14m)
  9. Setup and Monitor Deployments (13m)

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