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​Finding top talent in a highly competitive business environment without the right tools can be challenging. But what if you could have the best candidates apply directly for your project?

Expert360’s online marketplace connects the world’s top freelancers with innovative businesses for project work. It’s simple: post your project and elite freelancers will apply to do the work.

Expert360’s innovative marketplace allows you to save up to 70% on hiring a consultant or contractor and helps you engage talent quickly, having them working on your project within days. Our online marketplace is rigorously vetted and only accepts 1 in 6 professionals that apply. This means that you can get exclusive access to the world’s best talent in strategy, HR, marketing, deal advisory, finance, sales & operations at the click of a button. By posting a project on Expert360, you can rest assured knowing that top freelance talent will be coming to you.

It’s important that when using Expert360’s marketplace, you ensure that you are posting a project that will attract the best people with the right skill set. Before you get started, we need to build an understanding of the type of person that you need for the project. This will make for a more successful hire as you’re identifying the skills and experience you need.

The best matches are made when you indicate the level of experience needed. It could be an experienced consultant to operate at a high level, someone more junior rolling up their sleeves and executing, or something in-between. You also need to understand the project deliverables or role responsibilities.

What do you want to get done? Even a rough idea of what you need is great because our consultants can help you scope the work further.  

How To Create A Project That Will Attract Top Talent

To start creating your project, click the ‘Create Project’ tab.

Step 1: Detail Your Requirements

Start by giving your project a punchy name to attract top talent. Consider including a short descriptive sentence and your business’ industry in your project name. This is the name that we used for our example project above:

Marketing and Brand Strategist for Global Financial Services Business


Next, type in your requirements for the project. Make your description as detailed as possible in order to attract the best talent. A great way to structure your project brief is by detailing four things:

1. A company overview - who you are

2. The consultant’s main responsibilities or deliverables

3. The ideal consultant - Outline their technical skills, experience and soft skills

4. Any key information like travel requirements; location or estimated days per week  

Step 2: Select Services

Select the area in which you need support. If you can’t find the right service on our list, you can create your own.   

​Select the services that you require

Step 3: Outline of Key Information

Next, click whether or not the consultant is required to be on-site or remote, when the ideal start date is and, if you like, the intensity of the project.   

Set a start date and project intensity

Step 4: Set Your Budget

Next, set your budget. The consultants on Expert360’s platform tend to charge between $900 and $2,000 per day, depending on the level of experience. If you need someone with 2-4 years of experience, we recommend budgeting $700-$1,000 dollars per day. For a mid-level consultant, we recommend budgeting $1,000- $1,500 per day, depending on their expertise. If you require a top-tier, highly experienced consultant, we recommend budgeting $1,500+ dollars per day. You can also set a fixed price for discrete pieces of work with clear outcomes. If you’re a little unsure about the appropriate budget, you can leave this field blank or call our team. Finally, set your visibility preferences. To have your project open to all of Expert360’s consultants, select ‘Visible to all consultants’. We’d highly recommend you select this option as you broaden your reach in our network. For a sensitive piece of work you can select ‘Private and invite only’ and we will be in touch. Regardless, your company name is not visible on the Project Brief.  

Set budget, project intensity and hit submit.

All you have to do now is hit ‘submit brief’ and watch the world’s best talent come to you. It’s important to note that you can save your project as a draft to come back to it at any time. So start posting your project now, or for more information visit our FAQs or case studies.

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