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An 8 part practical guide for non-tech leaders

The age of digital disruption is upon us and for non-technical leaders, this can be daunting. Digital disruption is everywhere around us and seemingly every day a new industry is put at risk by a budding startup or tech company pivoting into a new market (Uber's pivot into the logistics market with UberEats), for example. Great leaders are more than capable of technical change. For this reason, Expert360 has teamed up with one of our top consultants to produce an eight part step-by-step guide for non-tech leaders to guide their organisations through an age of digital disruption.

What is digital disruption?

Put simply, digital disruption refers to changes enabled by technology that occur at a pace and magnitude that disrupt established ways of value creation, social interactions, doing business and more generally our thinking.

Why start on a digital change journey?

Digital disruptions present businesses with both opportunities and threats and compel enterprises of all sizes to embark on a digital journey to remain competitive. In this free, eight-part series, Malcolm Alder one of Australia’s most experienced strategy consultants shares why:

  • Digital disruption is economy-wide, albeit at different speeds
  • There’s growing evidence of corporate out-performance by digital leaders
  • Customers now hold the power and they won’t let go
  • Why managing digital disruption is critical for all senior leaders – not just the CTO.
  • The role of the board in a digital change journey
  • Some critical pitfalls for leaders to avoid
  • And much more

Written for business leaders with a non-technical background, this guide provides practical advice on how to start on a digital journey, prioritize projects, find the right advice and common pitfalls to avoid. Malcolm also shares in-depth case studies and research illustrating how other leading enterprises are dealing with disruption.

A breakdown of the Digital Disruption series:

Part 1: Why start on a digital change journey?

Part 2: How do you start this journey?

Part 3: Finding the right digital partners.

Part 4: Leading a digital change program.

Part 5: What are the digital pitfalls to avoid?

Part 6: What is the role of the board?

Part 7: How do you maintain momentum?

Part 8: Examples of successful digital change.

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