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Dealing with disruption can be one of the hardest tasks a business can face. Conducting a digital transformation is an arduous, lengthy and often confusing process, particularly for non-tech leaders.

Expert360 disruption expert, Malcolm Alder (a highly experienced consultant and former partner at KPMG), aims to make his clients' digital transformations as seamless as possible. In his latest PDF downloadable for Expert360, Malcolm simplifies disruption and looks at how an independent digital transformation consultant can help your business.

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It’s now well known that no part of the economy is immune to the impacts of digital disruption. Not surprisingly, industry sectors as well as individual organisations, differ in their preparedness. While some organisations are sufficiently well resourced and prepared internally to deal with this impact unassisted, in reality, most benefit from at least some level of external assistance. There are different levels and types of external consulting support that may be appropriate either to anticipate and prepare for digital disruption or to respond to and benefit from it if further down the track. This paper provides 10 ways in which your organisation might benefit by drawing on the expertise of an external consultant. Not all of them will be relevant in all cases but many are very consistent. For convenience, the 10 benefits are listed using the mnemonic D-I-S-R-U-P-T-I-O-N. The Benefits:

D - Digital

I - Independence

S - Strategy

R - Resources

U - Understanding

P - Price

T - Technology

I - IP

O - Objectivity

N - New Thinking  

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