Value-Centric Transformation

Evolve from technology-centric transformation to a value-centric approach.
Change is inevitable; transformation is a choice. Our Value-Centric Transformation capability shifts your narrative, highlighting the importance of value over tech. It's an evolution, a change from being adaptive to becoming transformative.

Redefine your transformation journey with us and let your business value be the new driving force.

How we help

Guiding your business through a transformation focused on maximising value
Helping shift the focus from traditional metrics to value-centric indicators
Aligning transformation efforts with identified areas of high potential value
Ensuring the transformation process enhances overall business value
Facilitating the adoption of a value-centric approach across all business aspects


John Atalla
General Manager, Digital and Platform Transformation
Rob Franklin
General Manager, Digital


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Before we Engage..
What is Value-Centric Transformation?
Value-Centric Transformation redefines how organisations evolve by focusing on creating and amplifying business value instead of simply adopting new technologies. It involves making strategic changes that are intrinsically tied to the organisation's core value propositions.
How can Value-Centric Transformation benefit my organisation?
By focusing on the value, your organisation can make strategic transformations that contribute directly to your business goals. This not only improves the efficacy of transformations, but also ensures the changes are sustainable, scalable, and supportive of long-term growth.
What approach does Expert360 Engage take to Value-Centric Transformation?
Expert360 Engage works with your team to understand your core business values, identify potential areas of growth, and implement strategic transformations that align with these values. We focus on ensuring that any changes made contribute directly to your business's goals and overall strategy.
Can Expert360 Engage assist with Value-Centric Transformation across multiple business functions?
Absolutely. Our team of experts has experience in a wide range of business functions and industries, enabling us to apply a value-centric transformation approach across various areas of your organisation.
How does Expert360 Engage work with different organisational structures like PMOs, VMOs, and Transformation Offices?
Expert360 Engage adapts to fit your unique organisational structure. Whether you're operating with a PMO (Project Management Office), VMO (Value Management Office), Transformation Office, or a different setup, we're agnostic to the name. Our focus is on understanding your unique context, processes, and needs, so we can deliver the most effective and value-centric transformations, regardless of the organisational structure.
Further Reading
Value-Centric Transformation Information

Why is Value-Centric Transformation Important?

Value-centric transformations are the propellants of modern enterprises. They ensure your strategies and initiatives are consistently aligned with the ultimate goal of generating maximum value.

By emphasising long-term value over short-term gains, these transformations guide decision-making processes and reinforce the future-readiness of your organisation. In today's dynamic business environment, strategic shifts that propel your business forward are crucial - standing still is falling behind.

What is Value-Centric Transformation?

Value-Centric Transformation refers to a strategic change that places value creation at the core of all business decisions and processes.

Unlike traditional approaches focusing on incremental changes or technology adoption, value-centric transformations view the larger picture. They guide your decisions by optimising all facets of your operations, unlocking extraordinary growth.

Expert360 Engage's Approach to Value-Centric Transformation

Expert360 Engage sets itself apart with its bespoke, in-depth approach. Our mission is to delve into the heart of your organisation, understand your unique needs, and tailor a transformation strategy that uncovers and enhances your business's distinct value.

We're not in the game of implementing one-size-fits-all solutions; we're here to initiate a transformation that is truly value-centric, meeting and exceeding your specific business needs.