Atlassian Solutions

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Atlassian Solutions
Atlassian Solutions are more than tools—they're the engine powering agile, collaborative, and efficient work. At Expert360 Engage, we transcend simple setup—we implement and optimise Atlassian solutions, driving exponential growth.

Our approach ensures you extract the maximum value from these tools. With Expert360 Engage, you're not just using Atlassian—you're mastering it.
Comprehensive training and implementation services tailored to your needs.
Smooth and secure transition to Atlassian cloud with minimal disruption.
Streamlined license and administration services to reduce complexities.
Periodic health checks and advisories to ensure optimal performance and resilience.

Businesses across Australia & New Zealand choose Expert360 Engage to deliver on their highest priority projects and programs.

Before we Engage..
What are Atlassian Solutions, and how can they help my business?
Atlassian Solutions encompass a range of collaboration and project management tools that enhance team communication, streamline processes, and improve overall productivity. Whether it's JIRA for agile project management or Confluence for document collaboration, Atlassian Solutions can be tailored to suit various business needs.
How does Expert360 Engage implement and optimise Atlassian Solutions?
Expert360 Engage provides comprehensive services around Atlassian products, including implementation, configuration, training, migration, and ongoing support. Our approach ensures that you extract the maximum value from these tools, aligning them with your specific business objectives and workflow requirements.
Is Expert360 Engage an Atlassian  Solution Partner, and what does that mean for my business?
Yes, Expert360 Engage is proud to be an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner. This partnership signifies our deep expertise and commitment to delivering top-quality services around Atlassian products. As a Gold Solution Partner, we have access to Atlassian's extensive resources, tools, and support, which enables us to provide enhanced services and solutions tailored to your business's unique needs. This partnership ensures that you receive best-in-class service, guided by the latest insights and best practices from Atlassian.
Can you help with licensing and administration of Atlassian products?
Yes, Expert360 Engage offers assistance with licensing and administration of all Atlassian products. We help you choose the right licenses for your needs and manage all administrative tasks, ensuring compliance and optimisation.
Is Expert360 Engage experienced in migrating to Atlassian's cloud services?
Absolutely! We have extensive experience in assisting businesses with cloud migration, ensuring a smooth and secure transition to Atlassian's cloud services. Our team will work with you to plan and execute the migration, minimising downtime and disruptions.
Can Expert360 Engage provide training for my team on Atlassian tools?
Yes, we offer comprehensive training programs designed to get your team up to speed on the various Atlassian tools. Whether you are new to these tools or looking to enhance your existing knowledge, our training programs are tailored to meet your needs.
How do I engage Expert360 Engage for Atlassian Solutions?
You can get in touch with us via our website or contact number. We'll set up a consultation to understand your specific needs around Atlassian products and provide a custom solution that fits your business.
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