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🏆 The Expert360 Annual Award Winners

We held our 2021 Annual Awards last week where we celebrated our wins and the people who went above and beyond for our team, our clients, our Experts, and for living our values. Congratulations to our award winners:

🙋‍♂️ Rise to the Challenge - Simon Blowman
🌏 One Team One Dream - Bianca Francisco
💡 Act Like an Owner - Nikki Dracopoulos
🤝 Empower the Customer - Andrew Keating
🎖 MVP(s) - Henry Harris-Hall & Nick Winterton

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⚔️ Start-Ups Battle Big Business as Tech Skills Shortage Threatens Growth

Over the past 18 months, closed borders and immigration restrictions fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic have served to exacerbate a large and pre-existing tech skills shortage worldwide. As a result, many companies have been left with no choice but to overpay local staff and search overseas for requisite talent.

Lachlan Feeney, founder and CEO of blockchain start-up Labrys, said he feared a lack of up-to-date training in Australian universities could lead to ongoing problems in the local sector:

“Our educational system could be doing a much better job preparing the workforce for high demand areas like blockchain…but if we don’t solve the talent crisis, we might see local companies relocating to countries with better access to highly skilled workers.”

Read the full article here.

🎙 Atlassian Surveys 6000 Employees on The Future of Work

Atlassian’s “Reworking Work” study offers a powerful insight into the realignment of workplaces worldwide and the future of work on the back of a large global shift in the value that we place on our professional lives.

In a study of more than 6,000 workers worldwide, findings again show that there has been a significant change in employee expectations towards their professional situation.

The biggest shift has been the priority that employees place on flexibility, with 78% of respondents wanting the option to work remotely.

Reflecting a global shift worldwide, there proves to be an increasing disconnect between what employees what and subsequently what employers are providing.

Arvind Krishna, the CEO of IBM states “Why should I, as an employer, care as long as you can get the work done and you’re highly productive?”

Read the full article here.

💡 ‘Deep Tech’ Finds New Ways Through The Skills Crisis

In an environment shaped by a global pandemic, worldwide lockdowns and border restrictions have fuelled large skilled labour shortages; especially in the tech world.

Nevertheless, the ability of a firm to offer ‘purposeful’ jobs has spared Australia from entering one of our worst ongoing skills shortages in the deep tech sector ever experienced.

Looking for that purposeful role, many experienced business and technical leaders have sought to make the move away from larger corporations, leading the term the ‘Great Migration’ to replace the ‘Great Resignation’.

Read the full article here.

🔮 Atlassian Executives Predict The Future of Work

We are all aware of The ‘Great Resignation’, with employees worldwide increasingly redefining the value of their professional life and what matters most to them.

Dom Price, work futurist and keynote speaker, states that people “need psychological safety, purpose, reliable rituals, and strong empathetic leadership to thrive and reach their full potential”.

The Return on Action report found that 37% of employees will go as far as to quit their job if their employer values don’t align with their own.

Read on for predictions from Atlassian's top dogs on The Future of Work:

Read the full article here.

📖  Expert Case Study: Market Research for Leading Liquor Retailer

A leading Liquor Retailer, owned by a large umbrella Retail Group and major Australian company (the largest company by revenue in Australia and second largest in New Zealand), with extensive retail stores and brands across both countries was looking into product potential and turnaround. Here’s how Expert360 was able to help.

Read the case study here.

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