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⚡️ Welcoming Robyn Denholm

We are excited to announce that our next Expert Series guest will be Australian business leader Robyn Denholm.

Our Expert Series are meaningful conversations with extraordinary leaders hosted by our Co-founder and CEO, Bridget Loudon.

Robyn is the Chair of the Board at Tesla, an Operating Partner at Blackbird Ventures, and Chair of the Tech Council of Australia.

We're opening this event up to both our clients and Experts, and we'd love for you to join us on the 24th of February to hear Robyn in conversation with Bridget.

We look forward to seeing you there.

💰 Amazon Doubles Their Salary Cap is more than doubling the maximum base salary it pays employees to $US350,000 ($491,370) from $US160,000 ($224,620).

As companies in the US and across the world battle with a competitive labour market and rising inflation, compensation packages are being pushed up to attract the best talent.

Amazon has long relied on stock awards, betting it can entice workers to take positions even if the base pay is low. But the stock languished in 2021, gaining just 2.4 per cent while the S&P 500 jumped 27 per cent, and the strategy began to lose its appeal.

Read the full article here.

🧑‍💻 How to Deploy Your Talent for the Highest Impact

Top performing companies don’t have more "A" talent. They simply deploy that talent better.

Research from Bain & Co revealed that most companies do not actually require a massive influx of new “A” talent to succeed, and that top performing companies typically have no more A-level talent than their competitors.

Read the full article from Bain on the four specific steps that high-performing companies execute to make the most of their talent.

Read the full article here.

🧬 The Working Future: More Human, Not Less?

In 1930, John Maynard Keynes predicted that continued economic growth over the course of the coming century would reduce the workweek to 15 hours. Nikola Tesla echoed this sentiment in 1935, when he predicted that robots would replace most human labour in the next hundred years. Today, these and many other predictions about the future of work have not played out exactly as originally thought.

Yet, most of us can sense that there are sizable shifts underway, with the pandemic undoubtedly triggering lasting changes when it comes to work.

“50% of workers feel the pandemic forced them to rethink work-life balance”

Today, talent is the firm’s most precious resource, and leaders must rethink their approach to talent if they want it well utilised. Read the full article from Bain to learn more about the five key themes that are reshaping work:

Read the full article here.

🛩 Forget Working From Home, Working From Anywhere is About to Take Off

The pandemic has caused a major shift in the way people work, and now we’re not just working from home, we’re working from anywhere. Instead of being tied down to one location for work, 2020 marked an era where locked-down citizens started doing something new, and now this trend may prove a serious boom for the travel industry.

The ability to work from home is permanently changing the way we travel, with more lenient office policies meaning many workers can travel any time of the year, so long as they can hit their deadlines from far afield. This mixing of work and play is greatly helping airlines and the overarching travel industry make up for lost traffic.

“The entire construct of travel is in the midst of a change right now”.

Read the full article here.

📖  From the Founder: 7 Advantages of the highly skilled contingent workforce strategy

The rise of the highly-skilled, contingent workforce is being driven by a complex combination of changing employer and worker attitudes and the rapid advancement of technology, led by developments in highly-advanced freelance management and marketplace platforms.

Read on for the seven key benefits of the rise of the contingent workforce.

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