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📈 LinkedIn Reveals 15 Jobs On The Rise in Australia

According to LinkedIn, human resources and technology focused roles have been the fastest-growing job titles over the past five years.

“Overall, we’re seeing big movements in HR and tech roles, with specifically engineering-focused jobs having been some of the fastest growing positions over the past five years”.

Many workers are leaving their jobs in search of something new, with these particular shifts deemed the “Great Reshuffle”. Flexibility is quickly becoming a key value proposition for employers, with a 60% increase in job listings mentioning flexibility since 2019 and 313% more mentions of flexibility in company posts.

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🧑‍💻 Why Freelancers Are the Key to Achieving Talent Scalability on Demand

In a world where many companies are looking for more flexibility, freelancers offer an attractive option.

The benefits of including freelancers or independent consultants in your workforce are clear: you are able to secure high-end talent on a per-project basis, and many companies today are realising the value from the diverse experience that freelancers bring to their workplace.

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🔎 Staff Shortages Will Take Three to Five Years to Fade

Hundreds of Australian business leaders cite crippling labour shortages as their biggest challenge going into 2022 and warn they will remain a concern for the next three to five years.

A new survey of 400 chief executives, directors and business heavyweights by KPMG revealed that almost 70 per cent say acquiring and retaining talent is their key worry, amid negative net migration and soaring COVID-19 case numbers.

They also said upskilling existing staff to meet increasing demands for digital transformation contributed to their concern and would cause problems until at least 2026.

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🕔 Time to Rework the Work Week?

In the past, media outlets around this time of year would typically run stories about how to motivate staff members and be more productive in office. We complained when it was “back to work”, but there was a sense that we were all together on common ground - something that has not always been true for people working remotely since the beginning of the pandemic. The “Groundhog Day” impact of the pandemic has started to grate as many of us enter our third year working from home.

The French government is re-examining the idea of their start of year 35 hour working week, as they try to figure out how to best handle their current economic and epidemiological crisis. They plan to reduce labour hours to 32 hours per week, i.e. a four day working week, claiming that this switch would create 1.5-2 million jobs and increase worker wellbeing.

The underlying message here is that companies are eagerly trying to combat the ‘Great Resignation’ by adjusting their workplaces to reflect a new social contract at work.

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📖  Expert Guide: Conducting A Strategic Review: An Elite Consultant's Ultimate Guide

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