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​Social and business networks are becoming increasingly focused on mass connectivity, rather than high-quality connections with people that can genuinely help you achieve your business' goals. At Expert360, we're aiming to break free from the continuous cycle of network saturation in order to create meaning, premised by strong connection and trust. Businesses that are able to leverage meaningful connections will drive strong outcomes, strengthen relationships and improve the capability of the collective mind. With this in mind, we've rolled out our latest feature: Contacts. With Contacts, clients and consultants can re-engage with people that they have genuinely connected with across the Expert360 network. Your Contacts list will be automatically populated based on people you have either hired/been hired by or interviewed with.  

Key points


  • We have introduced a contact list, so that you can keep track of anyone you’ve engaged with on the Expert360 platform
  • We have introduced the ability to directly message these people, allowing you to easily continue dialogue after the official end date of a project
  • Your contact list has been automatically populated by the Expert360 team

What Is Contacts?

  Your Contacts have been automatically populated by Expert360.  

Under the Messages & Contacts tab in the top navigation you will find a list of people you have engaged with on Expert360.


Clients will see any consultant that they have hired, interviewed or messaged as well as their availability. Consultants will see any client that has hired, interviewed them or messaged them.


You can directly message these people to re-engage with themThe person that receives the message will be notified via email

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