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Content marketing is the buzzword of the moment; the marketing craze that won’t go away. But content marketing still has its detractors - usually, the people who don’t see that the notoriously difficult-to-measure return on investment warrants the investment in the first place.

Content Marketing Will Help You Grow Your Business By Driving New Leads

Content marketing can make your business better by delivering you more work. But how exactly that does happen? Sometimes, but rarely, a piece of content can trigger someone to buy straight away. More often a buyer will go on a content-based journey, consisting of many articles, infographics, videos and blogs positioned over a period of time, before being interesting enough to buy from you. And more often still, your content marketing will be one of a few ‘touch points’ that a new buyer sees before buying; a vital complement to your traditional advertising, PR, seminars and other methods of getting your message out.

After all, what content marketing does better than any other form of marketing is to pre-qualify buyers, letting them know what you do and how you help and giving them the chance to explore their relationship with you in their own time before committing. Content marketing gives your chance to tell your story slowly, in a way that resonates more deeply with everyone: your clients or customers, staff and the wider public too. In that sense, content marketing’s true value will only ever be seen once it accumulates.  

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