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Your profile page matters. It's your unique way to showcase your work, accomplishments and your story! Here are some tips to help you put your best profile forward to potential clients. We’ve based this on feedback from clients looking to hire a consultant.

The importance of a good profile

According to client feedback, a comprehensive profile is one of the most important factors when short listing applicants.

Consider your Expert360 profile to be your CV for independent consulting. Treat it as you would any CV and ensure you are proud of everything you list on it.

Your profile should accurately represent everything that you bring to a business. From your work experience and skills, right through to your personality and interests. It is designed to give employers a strong overview of how you would fit into a team, both culturally and in terms of the skills you bring.

Follow these steps to create a compelling independent consultant profile on the Expert360 platform and take the first steps to successfully applying for great projects.

Create a compelling profile

Step 1 - Put a face to the name

A great profile starts with a great headshot! Make sure your profile image is professional and of a high quality. This along with your headline is the first thing the client sees. You may regularly move around so be sure to keep your home base up-to-date for any local project work that comes up.

Step 2 - Craft a compelling introduction

Your professional summary should provide a snapshot of your great experience. It’s the first thing the client sees and should compel them to view your full profile, so make it detailed and to the point.

Step 3 -  Work History

Include an overview and breakdown of your services / areas of expertise. The best way to do this is to detail specific projects you have worked on, outlining the scope, your role and your impact. You also have the opportunity to highlight any key clients you worked for where relevant.

Step 4 - Education

Include relevant education and any awards that support your experience.

Step 5 - Industry Experience

Select any industries in which you are knowledgeable.

Many of Expert360’s clients are looking for very specific industry experience. This is your opportunity to allow businesses to take a detailed look at the industries in which you have worked

Step 6 - Privacy

It is critical for you to fill out the Privacy section of your profile in order to keep us informed about your preferences.

Step 7 - Work Preferences

Let us know what types of projects you would like us to inform you about with your work preferences.

You now have more power than ever to tell us the type of work you are looking for. Tell us the services you are best suited for, the industries that get you excited or the city you dream about living in. Even keep track of your availability to ensure you never miss an opportunity

How is your profile used?

  1. Your profile is viewed by our clients to assess your suitability for their project. If you apply to a project, your profile will go along with your application statement to the client.
  2. Any recommendations you receive from clients or case studies, thought leadership and blog articles you contribute to will be linked to your profile and highlight your involvement in the Expert360 community.
  3. Our intelligent recommendations engine looks for key skills in your profile to match you to relevant projects and clients.
  4. Your profile is not available outside the Expert360 network without your express permission. You can read more about our privacy policy here.
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