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​As your professional life becomes increasingly digital, it's critical that the companies fostering online work allow candidates to best represent themselves. With many project applications requiring not only a solid application, but an accurate and engaging representation of a candidate’s brand and experience, it's critical for us to support our client's and consultant's needs.

We know that in addition to reviewing a consultant’s application, clients also view consultant profiles to review skills and experience and assess their suitability for the project.

Along with this, our latest Discussions feature relies on credibility in order to engage in a meaningful and trusted way. Our new consultant profiles give both clients and consultants the best opportunity to engage with purpose.

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Key points:

  • We have upgraded our consultant profiles so that clients can get a better understanding of why our consultants are the best in the world
  • We have given consultant profiles a new look and feel and placed critical elements of your profile closer to the top
  • We have made these changes based on rigorous feedback from what clients and consultants have told us they want to see on profiles
  • This is our first step of many to creating outstanding consultant profiles


Why Did We Make These Changes?

These changes to consultant profiles were made based on the findings of qualitative and quantitative feedback from our community.

Consultants told us how they wanted to accurately represent their personal brand on Expert360 while clients highlighted the most useful profile sections when reviewing consultants during the application process.

The result was a number of improvements to the layout  and design of the pages.  This release is the first of many in our effort to make consultant profiles engaging, so if you have feedback or suggestions please let us know.  

What Have We Changed?


1. We have moved up critical elements like Projects You Have Worked On and Ratings sections


2. We have introduced direct messaging on consultant profiles

Clients can now contact consultants directly. By engaging with consultants at an early stage clients can get advice or recommendations on pieces of work they are considering before they have a project scoped. Once a client has messaged a consultant, they can make an offer to start officially working with them.


3. We have given profiles a sleek look and feel

You’ll now see a summary of key information below each profile photo. Check out some of the example consultant profiles below to see the changes we have made.  

What Do You Need To Do?

Consultants need to update their profiles in order to take full advantage of our new consultant profiles. To best represent yourself,  make sure to regularly update your availability and any missing content within your profile.  You can update your profile, here.

Clients can now access the new consultant profiles via Explore, through a project application, through our new Contacts feature, or through our new Discussions feature.

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