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​Getting paid - we agree, it's a big deal

This year we’ve been putting in a lot of effort into streamlining the payment process and improving invoicing. We heard feedback from our community of Experts that:

  • Managing annual taxes can be quite the administrative task
  • Having a place to quickly view a summary of your invoices was important 
  • Knowing how much you’ve earned in real-time helps in managing pipelines and freelance goals

We’re excited to introduce a new interactive feature that does all this: Payments Dashboard. Now, getting ready for tax season, budgeting and keeping up-to-date with your finances is as easy as one click.

Visualise your payment history however you want

With all your payment history in one place, you can easily access all of your past and current invoices across multiple projects and analyse your financials however you like. You can view by month, by financial year and even compare how much you’ve invoiced for, what you’ve been paid and the amount of payment on projects which remain outstanding.

It’s that simple - now you control what you want to see and how you want to cut the data.


Invoices and Timesheets now under “Payments”

An important notice to Experts: The “Create Invoice” action has been moved under the new tab “Payments.” The functionality remains the same, we just made sure everything relating to your payments is easy to find. 

If a company you’re working with requires timesheet approval please know that the approval process has been simplified and you will see an area to submit timesheet for approval within the standard invoice form. With these changes and updates, you’ll be able to better understand when your timesheets are approved and when your invoice and payment is processing. 

Take me to my Payments Dashboard

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