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​Navigating professional insurance can be complicated and often uncharted territory for a new Consultant or Independent Contractor. When you’re hiring an Expert or working as one, having the confidence that insurance is taken care of is important. It speeds up the hiring process, avoids rate confusion due to last minute on-costs and removes any potential risk if you’re not covered.

Expert360 has partnered with IAG Insurance to provide Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability insurance to eligible Experts through their CGU brand. From March 1st, eligible Experts engaged through Expert360 on a new project will be covered for $5m Professional Indemnity and $10m Public & Products Liability insurance for the duration of their project.  This is at no cost to our clients or Experts. Learn more about how this works below.

Expert360 Insurance for Experts

How it Works

1.Projects on Expert360 are reviewed based on their most relevant Service category

2.Badges on each Project indicate whether they are eligible

3. When you first apply for a Project you'll need to annually indicate whether you've had any previous claims against you

4.When you and your Client sign any agreement for eligible services after March 1st 2019, you'll be covered. 

Expert360 Insurance for Businesses

How it Works

1.Post a Project and select the most relevant Service category

2.Your Project is then reviewed and flagged as either 'Covered', 'Under Review' or 'Not Covered'
It's important Experts looking to work on your Project know whether they need additional Insurance.

3.Expert applies to your project and declares they have no prior claims against them.

4.Expert wins the project, and is automatically insured for that covered project at no cost to them.


To learn more about the eligibility of your next project, please see Coverage Summary and updated Terms & Conditions.

Any questions, please reach out to

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