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​Knowing what you'll be paid and when

One concern when moving to a project-based work life is managing a variable income. Leaving the safety and assurance of a salaried life is no joke. This is why we're striving hard to ensure the experience of submitting and accessing invoices is as smooth and clear as possible for everyone on Expert360.

Recently we've released big updates to our Invoicing and Payments tools.

What's changed?

Clearer Invoice Process Status and Expected Payment Dates

Our payment system runs on a regular cycle. When you submit your next invoice through Expert360 you'll be notified of a date range representing when you can expect your payment to land in your account based on that cycle. As the invoice progresses through our process, the purple status bar will update you on your Invoice's status. You can check this any time from your Dashboard

We work closely with clients to ensure their purchase orders and other components of paying invoices are set up before invoices are submitted. Our expected payment dates are based on our and their payment processes, unfortunately we can't send payments until we receive them.

Easy, Mobile-Optimised Invoice & Expense Submission

You can now manage all your invoices from your mobile. Your next Invoice will pre-fill the Deliverables from the Contract for the Project you're invoicing, allowing you to enter your time against variable Contracts and invoice specific amounts against fixed-price contracts. You can also enter Expenses against your Invoice from your phone and upload photos of your receipts, so you don't have to worry about filing away those taxi receipts!

Pro-tip - update your Bank Details on your account ahead of starting your first Project to ensure your first payments go smoothly.


Better Invoice history with PDF exports

Everyone needs a history of their payments; for your quarterly activity statements, tax returns, and providing proof of your income. When your next Invoice is paid you'll receive an email with a link to download a PDF version of your invoice, making it super easy to file away and review at tax time. 

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