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As business transformation sets in and organisations realise the need to remain agile in a competitive world, the way they procure and manage staff must change as well. Our workplaces have shifted dramatically in the past decade, and recruitment processes must follow. These days, workplaces can be faster thanks to the addition of digital transformation, but the hiring process still takes time. And yet it doesn’t need to, because armed with the right recruitment process, talent management can be made simple.

Know your needs

Understanding what exactly you need makes for a more logical approach to source and place prospective hires, and that can often come to specifics. While employers always yearn for a jack of all trades, the precious unicorn is as hard to come across as the four-leaf clover. Finding the right people instead is derived from knowing precisely what skills you require for specific projects, and then break those projects down into smaller parts. Make talent management about solving problems and accumulating the right staff for these skill shortfalls, allowing HR to move players in as and when they need them.

Time matters

Time is critical for all projects, but the time you require hires, freelancers, and consultants for can vary wildly. Putting individuals down on the books for more time than is needed can change the profitability of a project drastically, shifting the ROI. Short-term workers are therefore ideal for projects, brought in much like the talent that may be needed as and when.

The hard work done

One of the hardest parts of any recruitment process is the “process” itself, an endeavour that sees HR matching not just skills, but also ability to work inside the culture of the company itself. However, talent platforms help negate this crucial part of the recruitment process by pushing ahead with the hiring process, allowing project managers to select hires based on skills, not on the ability to fit in. Furthermore, platforms built specifically to deliver professional skills when procurement requires, have gone through the recruitment process ahead of time, listing skills and acquiring based on ability.

Making talent management work for you

Armed with the knowledge of needing the right resources and time necessary to complete a project, an agile business can employ talent management platforms to work for them. Logging into modern day services that collect and pool freelancers and consultants can help make talent management easier, and even delivers a valuable resource for projects. Parts of projects can be broken down into the specific skill areas, and hires sourced for those specific areas, giving the right professionals a very focused part of a project to see through to completion. With the right platform behind them, employment evolution can occur, and HR is assisted in a way that helps them keep a grip on talent management not just for one project, but for the rest, as well.

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