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Did you know that Expert360 only accepts roughly one in six of the consultants that apply to work through our platform?   Our promise of consultant quality is important to the businesses that use our services and is one of the reasons for Expert360’s successes so far.    Here are four ways we ensure we have top talent:  

Referral Talent:

Our brand, reputation and client list attract top tier consultants, many of whom were referred by existing members.   Referrals from our existing pool of talented consultants are one of our best sources of new applications. We work hard to ensure that all our consultants have a great experience on the platform which leads to us having an excellent reputation.    In turn, consultants tend to only refer colleagues that they believe will be up to the high standards that we maintain.    Our referral system is, generally speaking, one of the best ways that we attract the most talented freelancers in the world.

Application Assessment:

We have a dedicated team review of each application.   Our specialist team works carefully to assess each consultant application. Our consultants’ experience can be in a strategic or tactical role, but in order to qualify for the Expert360 platform a person must have at least one of the following:  

  •       A management consulting background
  •       Private equity or banking & investment experience
  •       An MBA from a top rated school
  •       Have held key internal strategy role at a top-rated corporate

For management and investment consultants, we look for experience at a top tier firm or bank.   For functional freelancers, we look for senior professionals who have had experience at big brands or multinationals.   We look for applicants with diverse skills sets and backgrounds as well as looking at the quality of the companies for which they might have worked. 

We stay involved during the project:

During a project, Expert360 maintains regular contact with both the client and consultant to ensure successful delivery.    If there are any issues with the consultant, Expert360 will help to resolve them.  

Our clients give honest feedback at the end of each project:

At the end of each project, consultants are reviewed based on the work they complete for clients. We review the client's satisfaction with the consultant’s work and ask for feedback on their performance.    This data is critical to a consultant’s ranking and influences the type of project that person will be able to apply for.  

What Does All This Mean?

Expert360’s dedication to only allowing the most highly skilled freelancers on our platform is our assurance of quality.    By strictly vetting consultants, businesses can have peace of mind about who they are selecting to complete projects, no matter how vital the work is to the company’s success.

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