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​Once you've posted your project on Expert360, it's time for you to get matched with and hire one of our elite consultants. While you will automatically be matched with world-class talent, it's important that you spend some time exploring your options if you have specific or niche needs.  

Step 1: Find consultants that suit your project requirements

While consultants are able to (and will) apply directly to your project, you can also proactively find consultants that suit your needs. Use Explore to search for consultants. You can filter your search by your title, company, location, availability and skill set. You can also review top recommended consultants in your 'My Projects' tab.

Explore consultants that match your need. Consultants will also apply directly to your project.  

Step 2: Invite consultants to your project

While consultants are able to (and will) apply directly to your project, you can invite consultants to apply and add them to your favourites from their profile.  Find profiles using our Explore feature (as in step 1) to filter by your title, company, location, availability and skill set.

Invite consultants to your project from their profile OR Message them directly from their profile.  

Message consultants directly from their profile OR Message suitable consultants from your Contacts list. Your contacts list will be populated automatically when you have interviewed or hired consultants in the past. If this is your first time using Expert360, your contacts list will be empty.   

Step 3: Invite interesting consultants to interview

Once a consultant has applied for your project you can select them to interview. This will show contact details, which will allow you to schedule a time with your preferred consultant.  Select a consultant to interview.

Step 4: Contact consultant and set up a time to discuss

Conduct the interview/discussion with your preferred consultant(s) on-site or remotely. Some people prefer to have a conversation over the phone, others will schedule an interview in person. We suggest that you discuss the finer details like the rate and length of the project during this interview so that you don't spend too long going back and forth on contract offers on the platform.  

Step 5: Offer the consultant a contract on the Expert360 platform

The consultant may counter your offer. If you have previously discussed rate (as suggested above) this process should be straightforward. 


Make an offer to your preferred consultant!

Step 6: Start Working

Once the consultant has agreed to your contract, you can start work as soon as required. To continue engaging with the consultant prior to the start date, it's easiest to send them a message via the Expert360 platform.

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