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​This quarter, our users wanted to see one thing from our product: the ability to openly engage with anyone across our vetted network.  Working towards this goal, we have enabled clients to message anyone on the Expert360 platform by engaging with them in a discussion, messaging them directly and re-engaging with their contacts on the platform. With better access to our talent pool, you can get work done better and faster than ever before. With our expanded messaging feature, clients can explore our network and reach out to consultants from their profiles in order to get assistance with work, get recommendations, check their availability and make them an offer to work on a project.  

Key Points


  • Clients can now engage with any consultant on our platform, even before a project is project
  • Clients can message consultants during a discussion in our forum, from their contacts list or directly from a consultant's profile
  • After messaging a consultant, clients can make an offer to that consultant even without a project on the Expert360 platform


How Does Messaging Work?

  There are two ways in which clients and consultants can now message each other.


1. Message Existing Connections Via Your Contacts List

  You can directly message consultants in your new list of contacts, created for you by Expert360. You might want to message someone to:

  • Get continuing advice for a project they worked on
  • Re-engage with each other for further project work
  • Ask a question
  • Get advice
  • Give them a heads up for a new project you had in mind
  • Make them an offer


2. Directly Message By Exploring Consultant Profiles



You can use explore to find consultants that you would like to speak to. You will find it in your top navigation under "Explore"


 Filter and search for consultants by keyword, company name, location, industry experience, and availability.


You can dive deeper into consultant profiles to find the consultant’s past projects, their career timeline and skills

As a client on our platform, you can now send any consultant a message via their profile

Clients Can Make Offers To Consultants Without A Project

  After engaging in a conversation, clients can start officially working with any consultant.  After messaging a consultant, a “Make An Offer” dialogue box will appear.


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