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​At Expert360 we spend a lot of time getting to know our customers and finding innovative ways to help our expert community and businesses thrive in the freelance economy. We know you spend a lot of time writing application statements and our businesses are struggling to review your applications and make informed, quick decisions. As a result, we have optimised the application process to help you prioritise your key achievements and allow businesses to focus on the achievements that best represent you as a freelance professional.

Why we changed the application process

Market leading businesses want to review applications quickly and easily understand the experience you have that makes you most suitable for the project. We heard from many of them and they were struggling under the weight of overly detailed, long application statements. We never meant for application statements to be a replacement for your CV and this level of detail should only be included in your Expert360 profile. Keep in mind that we present both your complete application and full Expert360 profile to businesses as soon as you apply. Many businesses come to us because they are time poor and they are looking to make hiring decisions quickly. They are looking for applications that zero in on the key reasons you are suitable for the project. They look to the application to prioritise what areas of your profile to review in more detail. We have noticed that many of you spend hours and sometimes days crafting application statements and sometimes never hear back. We understand how frustrating this is and we want to help you save time and improve your chances of landing an interview by helping you craft a short, sharp application that gets you noticed.

Changes we’ve made to the application process

  • We’ve restructured the project brief to help you understand the key criteria for the project. Be sure to include specifics from the brief in your application.
  • We’ve added an experience selector so you can quickly choose items from your profile to highlight. Select the project, role or achievement you want to include.
  • Add a short description for each selected achievement. You have 256 characters to grab a businesses attention - keep it focused and you will reap the rewards.

How to create winning project applications

  1. Highlight three specific roles or projects. Make sure to tie your accompanying description to the requirements outlined by the client in the project brief
  2. Include an indicator of your rate so that clients can quickly shortlist candidates that are within their budget. Don’t worry, this is an estimate and you can still work with the client to clarify scope and negotiate your final rate through the engagement process
  3. Our data shows that freelancers with the most up-to-date profiles win the majority of the work. Invest time in your profile and include your most recent projects, experience and achievements. Use specific examples to explain what you achieved and how it impacted the business.

We hope the new application process helps you win more projects. Our support team is standing by if you have any questions: Browse Projects

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