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Today, we're excited to announce a new joint partnership with Hnry to offer automated tax calculations, payments, and lodgments for Expert360’s network of over 30,000 consultants, contractors and freelancers.

Expert360 consultants in Australia will be able to utilise Hnry’s app-based service, powered by a team of qualified accountants, that will take care of all the financial admin, including invoicing, expenses, payments, taxes and filings, enabling consultants to get on with the job rather than having to fret about tax and compliance.

“Tax is such a pain if you work for yourself, and we’ve long been looking to solve this for our community. By teaming up with Hnry, Expert360 contractors will be able to forget about taxes and have it all automated - from finding work to getting paid, to having their tax sorted.

The simplicity of the Hnry platform makes the process of being self employed seamless, so whether you sourced the work through Expert360 or you found the work elsewhere and are simply in our network, you will be able to access the Hnry service.”

- Bridget Loudon, Expert360 Co-founder and CEO

How Expert360 + Hnry makes your freelancing tax payments effortless

If you’re an ABN sole trader, there are three things Hnry takes care of for you - here’s the rundown: 

  1. All your taxes calculated and paid automatically

    When you sign up to Hnry, you get your very own Hnry Bank Account.

    Whenever you’re paid into this account, Hnry instantly calculates, deducts, and pays all of your taxes (Income Tax, GST, Medicare levies, and student loan) before passing the rest to your personal bank account straight away.

    With Hnry, you know the money you receive has already been taxed - so you’re no longer stressed about being hit with a big, unexpected tax bill at the end of the tax year.

  1. All your returns lodged by Hnry’s accountants

    As part of the service, our team of accountants will lodge all of your returns (Income Tax and BAS) whenever they’re due, so you have confidence that you’re always up-to-date on your obligations to the ATO.

    Our friendly accountants are always on hand to answer your questions; they also review your deductions as you raise them to get you the right tax relief immediately!

  1. Unlimited access to the Hnry app

    The Hnry app is a single place where you can view and manage all aspects of your work.

    Through the app you can easily:

  • Send unlimited quotes and invoices;
  • Raise deductions (just snap a photo of your receipt and enter a few details);
  • Allocate percentages of your income to go anywhere, every time you get paid;
  • Generate reports and insights into your business’s financial performance

Hnry Australia Managing Director Karan Anand says the thing that sets Hnry apart from traditional accounting software is that it is more than just software - Hnry is also a registered tax agent with the ATO.

“As part of the platform, our accountants will review your expenses and lodge all of your returns (including BAS and Income Tax) whenever they’re due. Most accounting software is just that - software. It requires you to pay for a separate accountant, maintain spreadsheets, and to spend precious time actively reconciling transactions and ‘doing’ taxes. With Hnry, that’s all done for you”

“Hnry is about helping independent earners get on with servicing their clients and growing their businesses, not getting bogged down with tax and financial admin. Given Expert360’s incredible network and innovative approach to helping consultants and contractors find work, we know there is a natural partnership between the two companies”.

- Karan Anand, Managing Director, Hnry Australia

Find out more

To learn more, visit Hnry and get started to automate your tax payments and lodgments.

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