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Today, we're excited to announce Expert Dashboard and Expert Hub – two brand new releases designed to help you manage and accelerate your freelancing career. With Expert Dashboard, you'll have a personalised destination where everything that is important to your freelancing work lives – and with Expert Hub, you can access expert-level resources, advice, and support, whenever you need it.

No matter your area of expertise, we know you'll find Expert Dashboard and Expert Hub useful tools in your freelance toolkit. Let's dive in and see what these new features deliver for our Experts.

Expert Dashboard

An important part of our vision is to become the destination where freelancers can come to start their day.

Expert Dashboard is a new product feature for our community that we are wild about. 

A member's dashboard

Experts want the most relevant information and opportunities visible and made easy to access in a single view - and now they’re able to with their personalised Expert Dashboard.

Experts can now view project recommendations, their dedicated Expert360 contact, community notifications, events, relevant articles, and past project history. 

We're excited about this next evolution in our Expert experience and look forward to our community members taking advantage of the information and tools in their dashboards.

Expert Hub

We're excited to announce that Expert Hub is now live and ready to be accessed by our Expert community. 

We want to make sure that our Expert community has the resources they need to excel in their freelancing career - so we've built Expert Hub as a home for incredible playbooks, templates, tools and training.

Expert Hub is a proprietary database of IP, tools and templates designed with the sole objective of helping Experts do the best work of their life.

After previewing Expert Hub in early February, here's what some of our community had to say: 

We now have over 15 playbooks and resources available for Experts to utilise - and this is just the beginning. 

Being a freelancer can sometimes feel like you're going it alone - which is why we've also built out a Service Requests feature so Experts can ask for Expert help whenever they need it, so that our community can deliver remarkable work. 

We are building out further resources around tools and training which we plan to launch in Quarter 2 this year, which will help our Experts develop their expertise in an accelerated way that further adds value to their candidacy for landing incredible work.

How Do I Get Access?

These releases are game-changers for our Experts. We have some exciting new features in the roadmap for our Experts throughout 2022 that will solidify Expert360 as the #1 destination for elite freelancers in Australia, New Zealand, and around the world. 

If you're already part of the Expert360 community, simply login and you'll land on your dashboard - from there you can navigate to Expert Hub.

Want to get access to these fantastic new features and become part of the Expert360 community? Visit our community page, apply to join as an Expert, and begin your journey to becoming a member of APAC’s #1 skilled talent network. 

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