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P4M4™ is Expert360's systematic methodology and maturity model for running, managing, measuring, reporting on, and governing Portfolios, Programmes, Projects, and Products.

After over 15 years of experience in delivering projects, products, and managing high profile programmes and portfolio's for some of New Zealand's largest companies, we have distilled our expertise in to the P4M4™️ framework.

P4M4™ is a quantum leap over the traditional P3M3® model. The inclusion of Product as part of Expert360's P4M4™️ establishes a modernised framework to work with as the world continues to move towards a product-based business and growth structure.

P4M4™ is our premier solution for organisation's who want to bring the four P's together in one enterprise methodology. When you partner with Expert360 and use P4M4™, one enterprise view of your entire portfolio becomes possible.

All change consumes Time, Cost, and inherits Quality (Risk). However, the measurement and tracking of these factors are usually hidden in the minds of project managers and (locally saved) spreadsheets.

We enable you to gain visibility from a portfolio view down through to individual projects, across the three key dimensions of Time, Cost, and Quality. With visibility, you then have the information to make decisions at the portfolio level and steer programmes in the right direction.

P4M4™ uses a set of dimensions to evaluate your portfolios, programmes, projects, and products. The following diagram demonstrates a representation of these dimensions:

P4M4™ lets you:

  • Set best-practices and disciplines at the portfolio level, and see them filter down to programmes, projects, and products.
  • Run, measure, and manage waterfall and agile projects in tandem, using our Two-Speed IT model.
  • Use a modernised maturity model to evaluate your portfolios, programmes, projects, and products.

P4M4™ synergises with our CO:PMO and PPM Tooling and Consulting solutions. We run PMO's for some of NZ's largest companies, such as KiwiRail and Vodafone, and have curated a team of PPM veterans who are now the most sought-after team of PPM consultants in Australasia.

Want to get the latest on P4M4™️ and join a community of like-minded program and project people? Join us in the P4M4™️ LinkedIn community here.

When you have P4M4™️ up and running in your organisation, enterprise portfolio management is enabled by the following four factors:

  • VISIBLE: Make all work in your portfolio visible, and prioritise it
  • STRATEGY: Connect project execution back up to strategy
  • PROGRESSING: View and measure programme and project progress
  • DECISIONS: Make full informed, data-driven decisions.

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