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Here are a few community guidelines to keep in mind while interacting on Expert360.

We ask that all users (Experts and Clients) read and follow these guidelines to ensure that their account isn't in risk of being suspended or removed. 

We want you. Not your company

Our members want to know who you are, not your company. Real people and reputation is the key to making Expert360 work. If you’re a boutique consulting firm with a few partners who each have their own areas of expertise, you should each build a profile.

Applying for Projects

We’d encourage you to carefully consider the project brief before applying and to focus your efforts on the projects which are a great fit for your expertise and experience. This will greatly improve your prospects in winning work. Another important reason is that when clients post their project they choose whether they want to allow Experts to apply to them. If Experts don’t apply for projects that fit their expertise, clients may no longer feel comfortable allowing Experts to apply to them directly and may opt to instead just pick the people they want to speak to. Help us maintain a quality matching process and your ability to browse and apply for projects. It’s good for everyone.

High quality project applications

Give yourself the best chance to be hired! Maintaining a robust Expert360 profile is an important first step (it’s also public and can be shared between prospective clients). In your project applications, emphasise relevant skillsets and work experience, lay out a feasible and comprehensive action plan (give your best estimates of time) and show some enthusiasm!

Being on time for phone calls and interviews

Being on time shows respect and eagerness to meet the other person, which always sets things off on the right foot.

Preparation is key

Be prepared, be structured to make the most of all your conversations. If you’re an Expert pitching for a project, what is your approach to deliver the project objectives? What expertise do you have to offer?

Going around us

We’re here to help you find great people and find great work. Attempting to cut us out of the process is not in the spirit of the innovative business we’re building to help you. You would also be in clear breach of the Terms & Conditions of using Expert360. There are strict penalties. You will be removed from Expert360. Email us at if you believe any member is attempting to do this. We appreciate your support.

No hawking

This is an exclusive community where you come to engage or be hired for projects so that better decisions can be made in business, not to sell or be sold to.

The door

Your account may be suspended or removed if we see you’re not acting in the spirit of the Expert360 community.

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