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How should I think about setting my rates?

As an independent professional, understanding your worth is crucial to sustaining and growing your income.

It's not just about charging an amount that feels right, but also ensuring that it aligns with the market, your expertise, and the value you bring to the table. Whether you're new to consulting or a seasoned expert, determining the right rate can be challenging.

We've provided a rate calculator below to offer you reference rates tailored to your expertise and experience. We recommend using this as an initial guide in determining your rates.

  • The rates you show on your profile are just indicators to potential clients.
  • You are free to negotiate rates with clients as you usually would on a project basis.
  • The following calculator is there to help guide you. Please set your rate to what you feel is appropriate.
  • Industry standards, your level of experience, and the value you place on your time all matter when deciding your rate.

Rate Calculator

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