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Project management. Whether you love it or hate it, it's an essential part of our working lives.

The number of project management tools has proliferated over the past few years, with new and disruptive players entering the arena consistently. With so many different choices, it can be difficult to choose the right tool.

As New Zealand's leading project and programme management organisation, we've seen and used almost every project management software and have created the following list of our favourite project management tools. Let's get started!


Who it's for: Agile Teams, Software Organisations, Enterprises, SMBs.

Why we like it: Great for software project management, agile focused, scalable, use cases span small business to enterprise level project management.


Jira is a leading project management tool developed by Atlassian that has been around for years. From agile software development to marketing and operations teams, Jira is versatile enough to work in almost any situation.

Kanban and sprint management is first-rate, the experience is fast and polished, and it integrates with the rest of the Atlassian suite, with products like Confluence and Bitbucket able to plug in and work together seamlessly.

P.S. We're an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, and can help you with the full suite of Atlassian products, from licensing through to implementation and configuration. Learn more about how we can help you with Jira and the Atlassian suite here.


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Who it's for: Agile Teams, SMBs, Startups, Enterprise.

Why we like it: Fresh and intuitive UI/UX, can be used in almost every type of organisation, huge integration list, slick automation functionality.

boards group is a great option for almost any type of team. A thoughtful and intuitively designed UI lets new users get accustomed to the tool quickly, with colour coding and the most important information brought to the front for rapid information ingestion.

A major advantage of is the integration list and the automation functionality. Integrate with CRM, marketing, software, and other project management tools, and take advantage of the IFTT (If this, then that) automation builder.

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Who it's for: Individuals, SMBs, Company Departments.

Why we like it: KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!), simple to set up and use, fast, great collaboration, private and public options (think: public facing roadmaps), part of the Atlassian suite.

Bring the power of a visual perspective to your team

Trello is an intuitive Kanban style project management tool. Another member of the Atlassian suite of products, Trello is a low-price but powerful piece of software to use for small-scale project management. It's all browser based, has a slick mobile app, and continues to add new 'Power-Ups' which let you add additional functionality and automate your work.

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Microsoft Project

Who it's for: Large Organisations / Enterprise, 'Microsoft Shop' Organisations, Teams with Highly Complex Project Needs.

Why we like it: Manage large and complex projects with many interdependencies.

Animated sequence showing a timeline being adjusted in Microsoft Project.

The original project management tool. Mostly used in enterprise clients, Microsoft Project is a powerful project management tool for large and complex projects. When you're working across departments, have a substantial number of resources, and are executing waterfall projects and need detailed WBS information, MS Project is a contender for your organisation.

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Who it's for: SMBs, Startups, All-In-One Lovers, Individuals, Modern Teams.

Why we like it: The new kid on the block, an all-in-one tool, great pricing, cloud based, collaboration, simple to use but has depth and powerful features for those with more complicated requirements.

Notion was founded in 2016 and has rapidly grown to be a favourite of teams all around the world, hitting 4 million users in 2020. Notion is an all-in-one workspace that aims to replace all of your other collaboration tools - from wiki and notes through to project management. You can create custom Kanban boards, transform the view on the fly from a Kanban to a list to a Gantt Chart - all in one click.

Notion is a great option for smaller organisations, but is continuing to be adopted by larger organisations as Notion releases more enterprise functionality.

Learn more about Notion ->


Who it's for: Professional Services Organisations, Enterprise.

Why we like it: Consolidate all your professional services tools in to one platform.

Mavenlink has developed a solution that brings together all the tools you use in the project delivery lifecycle in to one piece of enterprise cloud software. Instead of trying to work across and manually integrate disparate tools, Mavenlink has built in Project Management, Project Accounting, Time and Expense Tracking, Resource Management, and Business Intelligence in one package. If you're a professional services firm delivering projects, this should be high up on your list as a contender for project management software.

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There we go! A distilled list of some of the best project management software for 2022.

As every organisation has different needs and varying levels of project management sophistication, we recommend that you do your own research and make use of their free trials (and of course, start small with a Proof of Concept if you're in a medium-large organisation).

If you're looking for help in choosing, implementing, or configuring a project management tool, Expert360 is here to help.

We'll help you transform your project management people, process and technology from a state of complexity and opaqueness, to running as a well-oiled machine with transparency through all levels of the organisation.

As Australasia's leading project and programme management company, we've helped organisations across New Zealand and Australia transform their businesses, with a suite of clients that include KiwiRail, Westpac, BNZ, Kotahi, Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Vodafone, Lotto, IBM, and more.

Get in touch today to start a conversation about how we can help you solve your unique project and programme management problems.

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