Workflow Uplift

Improve your cycle time by 50% in 3 months without changing your delivery method, teams, or tooling.

"Expert360 engaged me in the weekly progress which gave me the opportunity to set the required pivot decisions to allow us to hit our outcomes. Expert360 more than achieved the delivery promises made at the start of the engagement"

Improving Epic Cycle Time from 81 days to 47 days in 3 months.

Westpac struggled with unhealthy feedback loops from teams to the Tribe view. Teams had trouble controlling the amount and flow of their work (drowning in work). Seeing and understand the work in progress of their teams was laborious.

We brought in our Workflow Uplift service that builds towards a data-informed approach to address the various problems through hands-on training to upskill the teams, service owners and leaders. 12 months after our engagement, Data Central continues to apply the practices and metrics we introduced. In their last quarter (ending April 2022):

  • Epic cycle time reduced by 42%
  • Epics delivered quarterly increased 10%
  • Epic efficiency rating increased 10%

The data generated by Workflow is now being tracked which generates insights and allows for data-informed quarterly forecasting.

The use of metrics and tracking has also enabled instant delivery report generation (cutting time to knowledge from 2 weeks to 2 minutes)

Sonya Crosby
Chief Data officer, Westpac
Improved cycle time by 42% in 90 days.
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"I’ve attended a lot of these types of meetings, and even though this is my first time here, and you’ve already been running for several weeks, this was the most informative, easiest to understand format I’ve ever seen. I’m here to support this fully."

Improving squad data hygiene by 22% and making work visible to leadership.

The tribe had been part of a large organisation-wide transformation where new frameworks to manage work had been introduced and individual roles and responsibilities altered. 

Months on, leaders struggled to get visibility and predictability around their delivery of work. Without visibility, they struggled to provide the leadership that their teams required; leaders desired to act proactively by creating conversation with their teams before issues had the opportunity to arise.

By understanding their teams delivery cadences, they would be more empowered to set achievable quarterly objectives and enable teams to manage their workload more effectively by having the right conversations and making better decisions. This workflow uplift resulted in: 

  • Squad data hygiene measures increased 22%
  • Leadership work visibility increased by 50%

Additionally, data accuracy was materially improved as upskilled individuals began to update boards in real-time.

Teams had greater awareness around the cost of excessive work in the system and how it impedes delivery.

Andre Scheepers
Tribe lead at The Warehouse Group
Improved squad data hygiene by 22% and enabled leadership visibility.
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The Issues

If you're a leader accountable for outcomes in your division of the business, and you feel like you: 

Lack transparency about what is happening in your division/organisation. Leaders struggles to pinpoint the current status of the planned work - "Where are we are right now".

Are seeing a failure to recognise (realise) value from the work that is taking place. People are all busy but that hasn't translated into business value. Lots of work is being done, but it’s not achieving outcomes with any consistent level of predictability.

Struggle to create focus. The less the work that is being worked on gets to a complete state, the more new work is introduced. Multiple items of different works are being worked on in parallel in an effort to show progress for each of the stakeholders who have requested, or have a vested interest in, the work.

Have empowered your team, but see lack of 'ownership'; Teams are told they are empowered but do not entirely understand what that entails/means. There is a lack of understanding in how the various roles interact in the delivery of work and which roles are accountable or responsible for what.

Leaders have high expectations of performance from the teams that are empowered to act and teams have high expectations of the leaders to support them. This disconnect causes teams and leaders to shift their focus from the work and onto team dynamics without addressing how their delivery environment is contributing to this.

Then Workflow Uplift could be a good fit for you.

Expert360 focuses on creating a fit-for-purpose approach. We integrate and tailor components from leading frameworks with our unique and established methods. This is a practical, not ideological approach to delivery, tailored for each situation.

Become a Data-Informed Organisation

Align teams and leaders around the same data and enable the ability to self-serve the status, progress and plans. Everyone uses the same data to inform their decisions.

Dramatically Increase Transparency

Teams can confidently understand their capacity, plan within their known limits and negotiate better with stakeholders. Leaders know how to support and interact with the transparency generated by the teams delivery which enables better macro planning and decision.

Improve Delivery

Get more work finished and start new with work with confidence that it will be completed. Continuous improvement is built into the way of working that draws from the delivery metrics which allows teams and leaders to assess where and when to improve.

Rely on Meaningful Metrics

No vanity metrics and no stand-alone metrics. Teams look through multiple lens to look for trends and measures that have long-lasting meaning for delivery improvement.

Evolve to Collaboration and Collective Ownership of Work

Generate a higher focus on the work first and how the work works to foster effective collaboration. Create a solid base from which to launch improvements and from which team dynamics can naturally flow.

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