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Is Outsourced Recruitment Dying?

As we move into the next decade of work, disruptive forces surround our businesses. Increasing competition from a globalised economy and exponential increases in technology and complexity all contribute to an accelerating rate of change in our organisations.  

What we see from organisations, especially in a post-Covid world, is a demand for flexibility. Businesses need to get projects up and running rapidly, and cut projects when circumstances change.  

Additionally, companies are increasingly demanding that their resourcing partners take more responsibility for the project and programme outcomes they are striving to achieve, a shift in focus from transactional-based outsourced recruitment to a shared risk model and being part of outcome-based solutions.

To achieve this, businesses need to be able to utilise a partner who can provide a flexible workforce to match capacity to their current programmes effectively and is willing to take responsibility for being part of outcomes.  

Yet as organisations attempt to become more flexible, they find that the problems of consistently recruiting top-tier people and integrating them into high performing teams or squads is easier said than done.  

To address this problem in the market, we have created a solution, Teams-as-a-Service’ (TaaS) and have found great success in this innovative model.  

Also known as ‘Squads-as-a-Service’, our Teams-as-a-Service solution delivers team flexibility and scalability – as your business takes on new projects or halts existing projects, our team will scale up or down to meet your requirements.  

However, this is only one piece of a raft of benefits our clients are seeing using our Teams-as-a-Service model.  

One of the most time-consuming and high-risk parts of business is recruitment. Tracking down the right candidates yourself, assessing if they are a fit for your company, then assembling them in a team and letting them move through the stages of team development (forming – storming – norming – performing) is quite simply, excessively time-consuming, and comes with the constant risk that the team won’t work effectively together.  

The Expert360 (Formerly LPS) Teams-as-a-service model enables you to shortcut the team formation process and bring in a flexible, cross-functional, high-performing team that is ready to hit the ground running.

An example of a Team could be:

  1. UX/UI Designer
  2. Senior Developer
  3. Test Engineer
  4. Scrum Master

Because we work across a myriad of industries and different types of projects, we are able to curate superstars in our workforce and bring them together into preformed teams, ready to tackle your most challenging problems and projects.  

So, what does this mean for you?

  • Massively reduce recruitment time (our clients are seeing an ~80% reduction in recruitment time)
  • Reduce hiring risk  
  • Enable flexibility
  • Access to additional top-tier people and teams to scale rapidly
  • Shortcut the team development stages – Our teams are ready to perform right away
  • A partner that shares responsibility for outcomes and provides support and expertise over-and-above what a standard recruiter will offer.  


So – is outsourced recruitment dying?

No. But it certainly is changing, and what I would call ‘evolving’ into a more mature model. Businesses are consolidating the partners they work with and expecting more from the ones they continue to work with.  

Learn more about our Teams-as-a-Service offering on our site here, and if you want to talk about what Teams-as-a-Service could look like for you, get in touch with me on LinkedIn or contact me at

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