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With Expert360, we’ve been able to access individuals and high-performing teams, in a matter of hours, not months.

Meahan Callaghan
Chief People Officer, Afterpay

"Permanent solution"

In a high growth environment, with incredible challenges and demands, it’s great to have Expert360 to lean on, which allows our team to keep focused on core business. From the first time we reached out to Expert360, we knew we had found a permanent solution for our short term talent needs.

Karn Ghosh
Founder & CEO, Kinela

"Within hours"

Expert360 allowed us to connect with Experts directly within hours and have them working on projects within a few days. Our Expert hit the ground running, worked flexibly to meet our needs and became part of our team.

Jon Tidd
CSO, Superloop

"Deliver top quality work"

Expert360 is a one-stop shop to provide our clients with the quality advice and resources that they and we need to deliver top quality 

Andrew Hone
Managing Director, Zenith Strategy Associates

"No hesitation at all"

"I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Expert360 to any other organisation that is contemplating a major IT initiative"

Tim Ellis
Managing Director, GAS

"A true sector expert"

Engaging the Expert360 network helped us transform a good but challenging investment opportunity into a great one by delivering to us a true sector expert.

Blake McNaughton
Executive Director, Elanor

"Engage top talent fast"

Expert360 delivered high-quality consultants in an efficient and timely manner to enable us to engage top talent fast. I would not hesitate in recommending Expert360 for future strategic projects across our business.

Tom Roets
Executive GM - Wholesale Products, NBN
IT Consultants
Understanding the role of a 
IT Consultant

Why Partner with IT Consultants?


IT consultants offer a vast array of expertise. From ensuring smooth software integrations to constructing robust network architectures, these experts are adept at addressing a range of technological challenges.

Fresh Perspective

Bringing an IT consultant on board provides an external viewpoint. They can spot inefficiencies, propose improvements, and introduce cutting-edge solutions.


Hiring full-time IT specialists can be costly, especially for SMEs. Working with a consultant provides flexibility, allowing businesses to leverage IT expertise only when needed.

Expert360 Connects You with Top IT Specialists 

Expert360 offers a curated selection of IT specialists who are more than just professionals with credentials. They are adept problem-solvers, finely attuned to your distinctive business challenges. Our thorough vetting process for IT consultants is designed to ensure that you hire IT experts capable of transforming your IT hurdles into valuable assets.

An Array of IT Expertise

Looking to hire an IT consultant for roles spanning from project management, cybersecurity, software development, to IT support? Our expansive network is enriched with IT consultants around New Zealand possessing a broad spectrum of IT proficiencies. Our mission is to align you with the consultant whose expertise resonates with your unique business goals, assuring both effectiveness and efficiency.

Bespoke IT Consultancy

Every business encounters its distinct IT challenges. With Expert360, you gain access to New Zealand based IT specialists who craft customised solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Navigate the array of intricate IT strategies with our experts and ensure your business remains at the cutting edge of the digital domain.

Unrivalled Experience in the Sector

The IT experts at Expert360 come armed with an impressive amount of experience. Their track record is studded with numerous successful IT ventures, aiding businesses in harnessing technology to fulfil their corporate aspirations. Engaging an IT expert through Expert360 is a commitment to expertise and seasoned knowledge, a step towards fortifying your business’ future.

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Cristen Blakely
M&A Consultant
18 Projects
Jack Tan
Data Science Expert
34 Projects
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Howard Gu
Data Science Expert
Currently Available
James Hendry
Strategy Consultant
Currently Available
Stephanie Howe
Product Manager
Currently Available
Elijah Glover
Program Manager
Available in 4 days
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IT Consultants

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How Can an IT Consultant Benefit Your Business?

Strategy Development

Beyond troubleshooting, IT consultants assess your current IT infrastructure, identifying strengths and addressing vulnerabilities. They can guide you in aligning IT strategies with business objectives, ensuring a cohesive and efficient approach to your technological investments.

Software Implementation

From selecting the right software to ensuring its seamless integration within your existing systems, an IT expert ensures smooth transitions, reducing downtime and ensuring employee adaptability.


With cyber threats on the rise, an IT specialist can fortify your digital barriers, implement advanced threat detection systems, and devise disaster recovery plans.

Training and Support

Continuous learning is vital in the ever-evolving realm of IT. IT consultants can provide essential training to your team, ensuring that they are equipped to use new systems to their fullest potential.

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Expert360 is your reliable partner for finding top-notch IT expertise. We match you with IT consultants who are committed to providing unparalleled service, ensuring your business stays ahead in the digital race. Browse through our extensive network of IT specialists today and hire an IT expert that fits your business needs.

‍In the digital age, hiring the right IT expertise can significantly impact your business growth. At Expert360, we strive to make this process seamless for businesses, providing access to a wide array of IT professionals. Your journey to digital transformation begins here – join us at Expert360 and tap into the potential of our talented IT experts today.

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