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Expert360 is a one-stop shop to provide our clients with the quality advice and resources that they and we need to deliver top quality 

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Engaging the Expert360 network helped us transform a good but challenging investment opportunity into a great one by delivering to us a true sector expert.

Blake McNaughton
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Expert360 delivered high-quality consultants in an efficient and timely manner to enable us to engage top talent fast. I would not hesitate in recommending Expert360 for future strategic projects across our business.

Tom Roets
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DevOps Engineers
Understanding the role of a 
DevOps Engineer

What is a DevOps Engineer?

A DevOps Engineer bridges the gap between development (Dev) and operations (Ops). They play a crucial role in automating and streamlining processes, making sure that software development, testing, and release happen seamlessly and reliably. With the skills of both a developer and an IT operations professional, a DevOps Developer ensures that the entire lifecycle of software, from creation to deployment, is smooth and efficient.

Why Your Business Needs a DevOps Specialist


In today's competitive market, time is of the essence. Bringing a DevOps specialist on board can be a game-changer. Their expertise ensures that the development and deployment processes are streamlined, resulting in faster releases. With a seasoned DevOps Developer working diligently behind the scenes, you can be assured that your product reaches the market at a much quicker pace, giving you a definitive edge over your competitors.


When you hire a DevOps Engineer from Expert360, you're not just bringing in an individual; you're adding a layer of reliability to your operations. A proficient DevOps Engineer meticulously oversees every change, ensuring they're consistently deployed with precision. This attention to detail leads to fewer errors, translating into more uptime for your systems and more trust from your customers.


The beauty of DevOps lies not just in the technicalities but also in the culture it promotes. By fostering open communication and transparency between teams, it paves the way for more innovative solutions. With a dedicated DevOps contractor overseeing collaborations, you can expect not only more efficient problem-solving but also a happier, more engaged workforce. In essence, a DevOps specialist brings together the best of both worlds, merging technical know-how with a keen understanding of team dynamics.

The Value of a DevOps Engineer For Business

DevOps Engineers are the connective tissue of the tech team. They work closely with software developers, system operators (SysOps), and other IT staff to oversee code releases.‍

They are not merely developers who are interested in deployment and network operations or System Admins who write scripts. Instead, they are professionals who are well versed in both realms and can navigate the entire development and deployment process.

A skilled DevOps Engineer possesses the technical skills, the operational mindset, and a forward-thinking approach to streamline software development and to create robust, high-quality, and streamlined software solutions.

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DevOps Engineers

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Why Hire a DevOps Engineer with Expert360?

Expert360 only chooses the best in the industry, thanks to our stringent vetting process. With our DevOps Engineers, you can expect:

Seamless Collaboration

A proficient DevOps Engineer serves as the catalyst for efficient collaboration between development and operations teams. They remove silos, ensuring streamlined communication, which results in quicker problem resolution and efficient workflows.

Faster Deployment

DevOps Engineers possess the expertise to create automation scripts and formulate strategies for quick and reliable software releases. Their role is critical in achieving faster time-to-market, a key competitive advantage in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

Enhanced Code Quality

Through the adoption of practices like continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), DevOps Engineers significantly improve code quality. They help build a culture where incremental code changes are tested and deployed frequently, leading to fewer errors and higher quality output.

‍Improved Operational Efficiency

By embracing an array of cutting-edge tools and smart practices, DevOps Engineers enhance operational efficiency. They help companies stay nimble by providing faster solutions to problems and optimising overall operational efficiency.

Scalability and Security

DevOps Engineers play a pivotal role in developing scalable and secure software solutions. They ensure that the software developed is not only scalable as per the business needs but is Vetted Talent Pool

Our selection process for a DevOps Engineer is rigorous, ensuring that only the crème de la crème make it to our talent pool. When you opt to hire through us, you're essentially choosing from a roster of the best in the business, guaranteeing unmatched expertise for your projects.

The Benefits of a DevOps Contractor


We understand that your requirements can change in the blink of an eye. Whether you're after a DevOps specialist for a time-bound project or envisage a longer-term collaboration, the flexibility offered by a contractor is unparalleled. You can swiftly scale up when the going gets tough and just as easily scale down when the waters are calm, ensuring your resources are always optimally utilised.

Diverse Expertise

The beauty of bringing a DevOps Developer into your team, especially on a contractual basis, lies in the diverse range of experiences they carry with them. DevOps contractors often have rich backgrounds, having dipped their toes in various industries and tackled a multitude of challenges. This wealth of experience ensures that they don't just bring technical skills but also innovative solutions, best practices, and fresh perspectives that can be a game-changer for your projects.


Instead of bearing the costs of a full-time salary, with a DevOps Contractor, you only shell out for the services you avail, ensuring maximum value for every penny spent. It's a cost-effective choice that has led many businesses to reap significant benefits, both in terms of quality and financial savings. So, the next time you're on the lookout for top-tier DevOps expertise without breaking the bank, remember the manifold advantages of a DevOps specialist on a contractual basis.

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In a world where business agility and innovation are non-negotiable, a DevOps Engineer can be the game-changer. Leverage Expert360's robust talent network to find your next DevOps Developer or DevOps Specialist. Start your journey towards limitless success today.also fortified against potential security threats.

Support Throughout

We pride ourselves on not just offering a platform to hire a DevOps Specialist but also ensuring that your experience is seamless from beginning to end. Our dedicated support team is always a call away, ready to assist with any queries or challenges you might encounter during the hiring process. From understanding your specific requirements to finalising the contract, Expert360 is with you every step of the way, ensuring a frictionless experience and a successful collaboration.

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