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Calling all UK Strategy Consultants!

Are you looking to move to one of the most beautiful countries in the world? Imagine being able to work flexibility and choose the projects you work on, while being paid a lucrative day rate.
Who are we?

Expert360 is one of Australia's fastest growing companies, and we need top Strategy Consultants like you to help us transform the world of work.

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is Australia's #1 skilled talent network.

We match the best companies with the world’s top engineering, design, data, project, consulting, finance and operational talent to help our clients accelerate, adapt, and scale.

You'll be joining a community of Australia's most elite Strategy Consultants and have the opportunity to work across brilliant Australian companies, from start-ups through to enterprise companies.
What's the deal?

Expert360 is the place to do the best work of your life. Learn more about frequently asked questions from Strategy Consultants.

Here's why moving to Australia and joining Expert360 could be the springboard you're looking for in your consulting career.

Here at Expert360, we are the place where strategy talent come to explore a different way to work. 

We are seeing an avalanche of demand for freelance strategy professionals across Australia, particularly for talent from Bain, McKinsey and BCG. Thinking of doing the work you love with choice, diversity and flexibility?

We’ve put together all the stuff you need to know to help you explore life as a strategy freelancer. 

Let’s start with the top trending question we get asked from new members of our community…

Money | How much can I earn?

Depending on your experience and level, here’s a guide into what you can expect to earn as a Strategy freelancer:

Junior < 2 Years Experience
$1000 - $1400 AUD Per Day
Mid 3 - 5 Years Experience
$1400 - $1750 AUD Per Day
Senior 5 - 8 Years Experience
$1750 - $2200 AUD Per Day
Leader 8+ Years
$2200+ AUD Per Day

The good news is we transparently share client budgets in every opportunity on our platform giving you visibility before you even consider a gig. 

How soon will I find my first project?

Once you have confirmed your arrival date in Australia, it is important you connect with Expert360’s Strategy Community Lead, Rachel Quick, so that our team can support your transition and start sharing your profile with our Client network.

We would love for you to come and visit our Sydney head office. You’re welcome to use the coffee machine, printer or a desk for the day.

What is the typical length of projects I can expect? 

In the Strategy Practice area there are a mixture of short term (6-12 weeks) and longer term (3-6 months) projects. You have the power to choose the length of projects you engage in.

How and when am I paid? 

Expert360 manages the payment process for you. This includes invoicing the client and following up on payments. All of our consultants have access to a service that allows them to be paid within 14 days.

Why do UK Strategy Consultants freelance in Australia?

There are a number of reasons why a Strategy Consultant would decide to freelance in Australia:

  • As you are aware from the day rates above, freelancing is a lucrative career
  • To work a mixture of full-time and part-time and travel when it suits you
  • To take more than 4 weeks annual leave a year, but still get paid the same
  • The flexibility to choose the projects you work on 
  • To accelerate your career growth by working with a range of clients from different industries
  • Work flexibly while starting your own business or using the injection of cash to start your own business 

What does the downtime between projects look like?

There is an insatiable appetite for Strategy Consultants which means the downtime between projects for our Consultants is minimal. Towards the end of your project, our team will follow up with you and understand what your ideal next project looks like.

Our team will also advise you on when it is best to start applying for your next project. You can also continually browse the platform and apply to projects. 

Just double checking, am I insured? 

Expert360 offers insurance coverage for our community of consultants at zero cost to our Experts. Head to our insurance page for more info on our partnership with CGU Insurance.

It is important that you know exactly what you’re covered for. This helps to speed up hiring time and avoid confusion due to last minute on-costs or the risk you’re not covered. Some clients require you to have insurance, and others do not so it’s always best to find out at the start of the project. 

What does it feel like to be part of the Expert360 Strategy Consulting Community? 

  • The Strategy Practice team is at your service, to give you the support, information and tools to get the most out of Expert360
  • You will be invited to exclusive Strategy Community events where you can connect with like minded individuals and grow your network
  • Access to a number of resources on the platform
  • A place to work from when you need the space and infrastructure on those days you just want to be around people and have a cup of tea and use a printer
  • A place where payments and invoicing is all taken care of for you
  • The access to market research and industry insights when you need it 
  • A place to learn and develop yourself personally and professionally

What types of clients can I work for via Expert360?

We work with some pretty awesome customers who come to Expert360 for freelance strategy talent including:

  • ASX Listed Enterprises 
  • Consulting Firms and Private Equity
  • Super High Growth Startups

What are Expert360 Strategy Freelancers saying?

Meet Bastien.

“Expert360 has offered me awesome strategy gigs for really cool organisations like Mad Mex and Metcash. Working this way has allowed me to travel around Australia and do the other stuff that I love like running marathons and paragliding”

- Bastien Missud, Former AT Kearney Strategy Consultant
What are you waiting for? Book some time in Rachel’s diary to chat through what your freelancing journey could look like in Australia.
Rachel Quick
Strategy Community Lead