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Expert360’s vetted network of top freelance project managers and boutique firms includes generalists as well as industry experts with experience at some of the world’s leading companies. Hire with confidence from our network of 23,000+ top freelance consultants.

Expert360 offers clients access to a freelance marketplace of Project Management experts who can manage all projects, ensure that project management standards are adhered to, and are delivered on time and within budgets. Find a reputable Project Management expert with Expert360 now.

A Project Management expert specialises in setting project standards, gathering information and project specifications, and facilitating the management and execution of all project activities throughout the lifecycle of the project. If you are looking for a Project Management, then Expert360’s freelance marketplace is the talent solution for you.

The Expert360 platform helped us transform a good but challenging investment opportunity into a great one by delivering to us a true sector expert

Project Management & Implementation Experts assist with:

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Innovative expertise from vetted professionals

Expert360's talent team screen all applications and only accept the top 20%. High quality people drive high quality outcomes, quickly.

Resource projects in 72 hours or less

Reduce time-to-hire from 60 days to 3 days. 50% of projects receive their first application in less than 6 hours.

Automate freelancer management 

The tools you need to streamline the freelance management lifecycle from source-to-pay.

Create great freelance experiences

To attract top freelance talent businesses need to ensure they provide great freelance experiences.

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