The Ultimate Guide To Choosing a Freelance Business Consultant

Why hire a freelance business consultant?

The first thing to consider is why you need an external consultant and what has prompted you to start the search for a consultant. One of the reasons you might consider hiring a consultant is being overwhelmed by the amount of work in the business. This could arise out of a seasonal increase in work, high turnover, new business opportunities and much more.

There may also be a piece of work outside the area of expertise of your current team members. You may also require immediately and don’t have the time to upskill an employee. Businesses may choose to hire experts for a variety of reasons, including alleviating workload, bringing in expertise that doesn't exist in-house or simply seeking a new perspective on a long-term project.

Regardless of the reason, all companies understand that hiring the right consultant is critical for project and business success. 

Download this guide and ensure you're checking off all the boxes.

Mona Momtazian

Consultant at Mona Momtazian Consulting

Mona has a background in Human Resource Management and Organisational Development, having worked with company directors and leaders across the organisation to determine HR and OD strategy as well as siginificant organisational and culture change.