Strategic Rhythm Assessment Template

'Strategy' is more than just a once-a-year planning session; it involves careful planning and tools to reach your desired outcomes.

Successful companies typically have a ‘strategy rhythm’. In other words, they have been able to truly move away from viewing strategy as a leadership team exclusive event, and work towards viewing strategy as being an ongoing goal for the whole organisation to participate in – much like that of an ‘operating rhythm’. 

A strategy rhythm is demonstrated through a set of sequenced strategy processes, delivered over the duration of the strategy, ensuring that the flow of strategy is; articulated, enabled, monitored and adjusted where required. A ‘strategy rhythm’ can be best summarised under 3 sequential steps; Aspire, Align & Act.

This ‘strategy rhythm’ assessment template will assist you in:

        Identifying particular strengths and gaps.

    Seeing how your organisation ‘stacks up’. 

      Leading in the right direction.

James Christopherson

Managing Director and Principal Consultant at Gritify

James Christopherson is the Managing Director & Principal Consultant of Gritify. He is a dynamic strategy facilitator, advisor and coach to a range of private sector, public sector and not-for-profit clients. James guides clients through the design, facilitation and implementation of solutions to address their biggest business challenges, backed by his expertise across; business strategy, leadership development and team development.