Steps & Pitfalls To Consider Before Embarking on A Strategic Transformation

Many corporations throw around the buzzword, 'transformation'. However, some are unprepared for the steps and downfalls that occur on the way to achieving it.

Brett Bennett, an Expert360 strategy implementation and business improvement consultant, leverages his experience delivering over $400m in annual EBIT impact in the past 10 years to detail the key elements for a successful transformation. 

Brett Bennett

Brett has covered a range of industries including: food production, logistics; retail and business banking, insurance, media, education and professional services. Primarily focused on strategy implementation and business improvement he has helped deliver over $400 million in annual P&L impact in the past 10 years.

Highly motivated and energetic, Brett thrives in high pressure and fast paced environments, he is level headed and a critical thinker, linking big picture vision with detail to implement.