Rethink your hiring strategies to attract and retain top non-permanent talent

As organisations move to be more agile, they need to be able to hire the top talent they need quickly and move faster than they ever have. But the talent landscape is also changing. 

Highly-skilled professionals that were traditionally drawn to working full-time, for the steady paycheck and job promotion, are turning to freelance and enjoying the flexibility and diversity of work that comes with it. 

If top talent is more interested in working for companies in an on-demand capacity - avoiding traditional, permanent positions altogether - this poses a new question to organisations, how do we keep them engaged? 

Success or failure of business strategies increasingly depends on a company’s ability to attract and retain top non-permanent talent. Yet, few companies have hiring strategies that specifically address their needs.

We’ve shared five considerations that will help businesses build a strong hiring strategy and strengthen their relationships with freelancers:  

  1. Understand the non-permanent talent ecosystem

  2. Establish an EVP for your non-employees

  3. Create a culture they want to join

  4. Know where and how to engage with them

  5. Retain top talent - don’t let important IP walk out the door


Kristina Krause

Kristina Krause is a Product Marketing Manager at Expert360. She’s responsible for educating our customers about the latest industry trends affecting the way companies and on-demand talent work together. Prior to joining Expert360 and moving to Sydney, Kristina led product marketing efforts for an American-based insurance software provider. After having had success as a project-based worker herself, she is passionate about helping companies and Experts see and realise the benefits of a flexible, on-demand workforce.