Resilience in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Resilience, defined as the ability to recover from challenging and adverse situations in resolute fashion, is an attribute that allows organisations and individuals to be agile in the face of constant change.

In today’s changing landscape, businesses will need to find ways to remain agile and promote resilience in the workplace. 

For instance, the rise of the Millennial and the gig economy has created short-term employment situations that contribute to insecurities in the workforce, impacting wellbeing. The resilient individual needs to be:

  • Adaptable
  • Independent Professionals and entrepreneurial by nature
  • Forward-thinking and unafraid to try something new

The future workforce will consist of skills that are yet unknown and opportunities lie in the ability to remain at the forefront of these changes.

By 2025, over 75 per cent of the workforce will consist of Millennials and Gen Z. 

The working landscape will continue to evolve, intensifying the need for employers and individuals to connect in ways that supports flexibility, growth and collaboration.

Ira Moentaco’s whitepaper unearths the benefits and ways that an organisation can remain resilient and nimble in the fourth industrial revolution. 

Ira Moentaco

Ira Moentaco is the Director of Imira, specialising in the identification and development of talent, enhancing skills and abilities, to maximise business outcomes. With more than 20 years’ industry experience, Ira has successfully developed, delivered and implemented effective leadership programs for individuals and teams, as well as specialising in the coaching and development of recent graduates, through to executive level. Ira is highly proficient in delivering on topics such as team development, customer service, communication and leadership programs that drive cultural change.